10 Best Workout Tips for Gym Newbies

tips for gym

We all had more or less rough fitness starts. When you are new to exercising, many things can go wrong if you don’t have someone to guide you. That’s why it’s recommended to take your first fitness steps in the tips for gym.

home gym
home gym

1. Gym location

Try to find the gym that is located near your house. This will save you a lot of time that you’d normally spend walking or driving each day. Of course, this is less important if you’re a student or unemployed because regular walks or short bike rides are great ways to improve your fitness level. But, assuming that you have other things to do, it’s best to search for gyms near you and then choose the one that offers the best terms.

2. Gym clothes

While you can most probably find some old but still wearable t-shirts and shorts in your closet, you’ll have to make sure that they’re made of the right materials.

To avoid having yellow sweat stains in your armpit area, get a few sweat-proof t-shirts that are wearable in the gym and provide all-day protection against stains. Also, regardless of the season, make sure to have the training pants and gym hoodies ready because you can never know if the weather will change.

3. Gym footwear

Depending on the type of your  sexy legs workout , your trainer might suggest you kick off your first day at the gym by using a treadmill for 10 or 15 minutes. But, regardless of what your expectations are, you are hardly going to escape running or using a stationary bike for at least some period.

This is why you must have a pair of quality gym shoes to protect you from ankle injuries. Nowadays, these come in a variety of designs, which means that you will easily find a pair of shoes that you’ll gladly wear every single day.

4. What to do

Do you remember how your first day at school went? Well, the first day at the gym can turn out to be more or less the same. You’re advised to be kind to everyone and ask them questions politely. Because you’re a beginner, it’s much better to be completely honest regarding your gym knowledge.

Don’t try to use the equipment you see for the first time before asking someone to give you a couple of tips on handling it. Also, say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ with a smile on your face – nobody likes wild newbies.

5. What not to do

Like it or not, gyms are regularly visited by some very annoying people too. You can only do about not following their example or reporting their behavior to gym managers. Just because someone needs your help with weightlifting, it doesn’t mean that they invited you for a conversation about your job or because they care for the details of your personal life. Also, learn to deal with the crowded gym gracefully. Wait for your turn to use gym equipment – you are not battling for survival!

6. What not to wear

We’ve already said a few things about recommended gym clothing and footwear. But, unfortunately, you’re likely going to see a handful of people wearing inappropriate pieces of clothes. For example, it’s not rare to see someone repeatedly wearing the same smelly t-shirt or stained shorts. Not to mention that, despite not being recommended, some people still exercise wearing sandals or flip-flops.

This can be extremely upsetting for others around you, so please don’t do it. In addition, these don’t support your feet in any way, meaning that you can sustain serious injuries that could potentially keep you out of the gym for a long period.

7. A personal trainer

If your budget allows you to hire a personal fitness trainer, you’re already a few steps ahead of all other beginners. Not only will you get the best pieces of advice but you will also have someone to help you at any moment. Because the two of you will be spending a lot of time together, you should make sure to find someone you can trust.

8. Accessories

There are loads of workout accessories you can use to enhance your gym experience. From a smartphone holder and ice wrap to resistance bands and a protein shaker, there’s a wide range of accessories that can add some charm to your gym outfit.

9. Water

It’s extremely important to stay hydrated during the workout. Regardless of how long or short, your gym sessions are, it would help if you always had a water bottle next to your towel.

10. Foods

Finally, you won’t achieve much in the gym if you don’t eat healthily. This means that you should plan your healthy meals and stick to your meal plan. Keep in mind that pre-workout nutrition matters as much as what you eat when you finish the training.

Because you are a newbie, it’s normal that you don’t feel confident enough to make meal plans yourself. So, ask a professional nutritionist to advise you regarding this matter.

Good luck with your new gym life! Follow these tips, and you’re guaranteed to have fun and achieve great results.