80-Year-Old Grandma Is World’s Oldest Female Bodybuilder!

The moto, ‘survival of the fittest’ can also be applied to human race, not only for the planet’s flora and fauna.

Grandma Ernestine Shepherd is a living proof of that! At the moment, she is the world’s oldest female bodybuilder, and believe it or not, the iron-pumping grandma recently turned 80 years of age!

80 year old bodybuilder

Have you ever seen the picture (right below) of the 2 ladies in discreet years, one obviously fit, standing up with great posture, very happy and self-confident, and the other one, who is constrained to a wheelchair, who likely cannot survive without her handful of prescribed medications per day?

The meme depicts Ernestine Shepherd on the left, an immensely amazing elderly woman who recently turned 80 years old. It is strikingly evident that Shepherd isn’t like most elders – that is her peers. Truth of the matter is that she is the world’s oldest competitive female bodybuilder!

This courageous lady even holds a record in the renowned Guinness Book of World Records! She was born on June 16th, 1936, and this octogenarian from Baltimore did not start seriously working out until she was 56 years old. As she describes in the video below, she began with the assistance of her sister.

However, after her sister passed away from a brain aneurysm, Mrs. Shepherds gave up caring about her own health. But this negligence for her own personal well-being lasted up to the moment when she developed high blood pressure and decided to change her ‘couch-potato daily routine’!

Today, she almost regularly starts her day at 3 a.m., runs about 130 km (80 miles) a week, and lives on a calorie-controlled diet of boiled egg whites, chicken dishes, raw organic vegetables, unprocessed foods, and ‘buckets of water!’

If you ask of Ernestine Shepherd what her true secret of longevity is, she will straightforwardly say: “You are never too old to give up on anything!”

Never let this statement out of your mind, whenever you feel like going in for a sport activity, hobby, or anything else you find really attractive and a great fun.  Yet, it is especially important to think of this, the very next time you think about ‘gym evasion’!

Ernestine Shepherd recently turned 80 years old!

As we said above, she is the world’s oldest and boldest bodybuilder. What about you? Have you ever felt like you are too old and weary to start something for the very first time in your life? Well, YOU ARE NOT.

Just read this fact: Vital and beautiful Ernestine Shepherd did not start exercising until she reached her ripe age of 56! Amazing, isn’t it?

On this occasion we sincerely say:Happy 80th birthday, dear Ernestine from our website My Healthcare Tips” You surely deserve an honourable mention in our ‘online chronicles’!

Following is a video that relays Ernestine Shepherd’s Story of Life: