Aerobics Exercise for Health & Wellness in Women

Aerobics Exercise

It is known to everyone that aerobics exercise is beneficial to maintain a good level of health. As days are going, new types and sections have been introduced in exercises. Most of the time, we find that the medical experts advise the women who suffer from joint pain, muscle pain, or a weakness in the bones to maintain a regular habit of exercise.

They also say that maintaining regular exercise can diminish heart attack risk, several heart diseases, bone diseases, hypertension, obesity and many more. Physical experts also say that regular exercise always reduces the number of health risks among people of old age and women. Among all, the new steps of Aerobics Exercise have become famous among a large number of women.

What is aerobics exercise?

What is aerobics exercise

Aerobics exercise is a type of physical exercise and is done to improve the body’s oxygen system. A resource says that the meaning of the word ‘aerobic’ means ‘use oxygen’. The period uses oxygen signifies the usages of oxygen within the entire body and the procedure, which creates electricity.

There are several exercises in the group of body movements, which are done in various poses and within a different time limit.

These exercises also include several indoor and outdoor activities, including a proper diet chart. The main section of this exercise is known as ‘aerobic capacity. The term ‘aerobic capacity’ means the practical capability of cardio-respiratory coordination during a particular period of exercises or body movements. This includes the entire body components such as the lungs, blood vessels and the lungs.

The cardiorespiratory components help to utilize oxygen in the blood circulation blood. In the year 1968, a physical therapist in the US added this exercise with many body movements like swimming, bicycling, long-distant running, etc. In this exercise method, the initial stage, the glycogen breaks inside the body and manufactures glucose.

Different types of aerobics exercise:-

aerobics exercise

Body exercise, which is known as aerobics, have different types and categories. Like for example, Dance aerobics. This is a very well known category of aerobics. Young girls and women usually do it. The steps are helpful to strengthen the muscles and lungs. They are also helpful to reduce cholesterol level.

The Types of aerobics exercise are known as Hi-Lo aerobics, Jazz aerobics, Hip-hop aerobics etc. The category of aerobics named Hip-Hop aerobics is done with the music and contemporary dance steps. The Jazz aerobics include the steps of jazz, funky twists and some steps of yoga. Hi-Lo aerobics is suitable for the heart.

The step aerobics always give extra advancement to the nerves system. The other types of aerobics exercise involve Low impact aerobics, which includes slow and rhythmic activities and helps enhance large muscles’ activities. This exercise is for those people who are suffering from obesity and overweight. The women who want quick weight loss with a high energy level usually adopt the steps of Aerobic kickboxing.

It is also known as cardio boxing or boxing aerobics—the steps of this Aerobics Exercise good to boost the body and tighten the muscles. Swimming and jumping rope are also categorized as significant indoor aerobic steps. The others are outdoor activities. Some of the outdoor activities like cycling, inline skating, Nordic walking, jogging, football, rugby are also calculated in the list of aerobics.

Who is suggested to go for anaerobic?

The numbers of women aerobic exercises are more than men. The women who have arthritis, diabetes, high level of blood pressure, heart diseases, osteoporosis, or any other kind of blood disease have advised aerobics’ movements with medical experts’ advice. Women who suffer from depression or any mental stress can also practice aerobics.

Benefits of aerobics exercise

Aerobics has several health benefits. These steps support strengthening the respiratory system’s muscle and supporting regular airflow, especially inside the lungs. It is also supportive of enlarging and strengthening the heart muscles. Aerobic steps are always reasonable to strengthen the whole body muscles and normalize the blood pressure.

Many studies have found that the aerobics steps are also helpful to treat diabetes and reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems. Aerobic activities like rope jumping or jogging are suitable for the stimulation of bone health. In women, the steps reduce the risk of osteoporosis significantly.

Some of the aerobic steps, which are done with fast music, are well-known exercise for reducing the obesity rate.

They are also supportive of augmenting the storage of necessary carbohydrates and fats. They also help the muscles to store the needed energy.

What can be done to avoid any negative effect?

Though there are significantly fewer cases of aerobics’ negative effect, the fitness trainer always suggests consulting with a good physician before starting an exercise. The suggestion is for those suffering from any kind of severe health condition, like any heart disease or a recent surgery related to heart, kidney or liver.

The women who have a weak body immune system are suggested to maintain a good diet while going for exercise. While doing an exercise, one should always wear a loose-fitting cloth and avoid wearing any metal or jewel. While doing an exercise, the nerves of the body should have a balanced circulation of blood.

Before starting, who should do a simple warm-up? Who should give the first five to ten minutes to those stretches, which have low strength? After every shot of exercise, one should cool down with a slow and straightforward walk.

The women who suffer from mental stress are advised to choose light music for their aerobic practice. It also adds new types of meditations to give the mind complete relaxation. If someone is suffering from any kind of pain, fatigue, nausea or the feeling of vomiting, she should immediately stop doing exercise.

The aerobic diet:-

aerobic diet

The fitness experts say that when someone goes for any Aerobics exercise, he/she should always maintain a good and balanced diet. The diet should include bread, rice, pasta and cereal. What should also add vegetables and fruits? The diet should also add milk, cheese and yoghurt. One should have an adequate amount of yoghurt—the other foods like meat, poultry, beans, nuts and eggs.

The food should be less sugar and oil. It will be good to consult a good dietitian. An intake of an adequate amount of water is also recommended. Water and other fluids are always helpful to improve the immune system and bring energy. One should always maintain a regular exercise habit.