Trying Hot Yoga For The First Time? Here’s How to Prepare

Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is the latest trend around in yoga and it’s taking the industry by storm. Yoga rooms are being heated to around 38 degrees, with the benefits being increased flexibility, burning more calories and also helping to improve a range of different bodily functions. However, as you can imagine, it’s very hot with this unusual type of yoga! So, there are a few things you should know before your first class to make sure you’re fully prepared.

Pack A Towel

First up, it’s absolutely essential that you pack a towel. In hot yoga, you sweat like nothing you’ve probably experienced before (unless you’ve exercised in 38 degree heat), so taking a towel that is large enough to cover your mat is so important. If you don’t, you’ll likely find it very difficult to maintain any postures because your hands and feet will be slipping. So, take a large towel with you to go over the mat, then you might also want to take a smaller towel to use to wipe down your body throughout. This is especially the case if you naturally sweat quite a lot!

Plan Your Outfit

Next up, you should put a bit of thought into your outfit. You want to wear workout clothes that are sweat wicking, aren’t baggy on the body and anything that might absorb the sweat and make you feel heavier. You also want to stay cool, so shorts and a tank top is often a good way to go. The worst thing you could wear is anything like a tracksuit or loose fitting joggers, as they’ll end up weighing you down and you’ll get too hot! So, something like a sweat wicking unitard is great, just remember to pack a hoodie for after the class as you’ll feel quite cold when you come out.

Don’t Eat For A Few Hours Prior

When it comes to eating before yoga, you want to strike a balance between giving your body the energy it needs but not eating too soon before, as it can cause stitches. Also, in hot yoga classes, if you’re feeling at all full, you’ll generally just feel uncomfortable. So, rule of thumb is to eat any substantial meals at least 2 hours before and no sooner, to give your food time to digest properly. If you ever find you get slightly lightheaded, then eating a snack an hour before would be fine. If you do ever get lightheaded, it’s important you highlight this to your instructor as they will make sure that you’re safe to do the class.

Drink Plenty Of Water and Take Plenty With You!

Being hydrated for hot yoga is essential! You sweat a serious amount, so your body needs to be refuelled with water. Before your class, make a conscious effort to ensure you’re drinking water, then take breaks to drink throughout the class as well (your instructor will likely encourage this anyway throughout). If you’re not properly hydrated, the class can be quite dangerous with risks of fainting, so ensure that you’re drinking plenty. Throughout the class, if at any point you do feel faint, make sure to let your instructor know and just take a minute to sit out.

Arrive Early

Last but not least, you should arrive early to prepare well for your yoga class. This will give you a chance to speak to the instructor, find out a bit more about what you should expect, then they can also ask a few questions to make sure you’re fit and healthy for the class. Make sure that you let them know about any pre-existing health conditions, so they are either aware or might recommend that the class isn’t right for you. If you do have any serious health conditions, then we’d recommend speaking to your doctor about whether the class is healthy, as well as calling ahead to the studio to make sure they’re happy for you to take the class as well.