Yoga Advice for Lazy People

You want a yoga butt, admit it! Good old fashioned yoga is easier to get into than you might think. It's not all headstands and contortionist stuff, you do.

Yoga Advice for Lazy People

You want a yoga butt, admit it! Good old-fashioned yoga is easier to get into than you might think. It’s not all headstands and contortionist stuff; you don’t have to practice in a 100-degree room, and, no, you don’t have to be flexible to begin. Bendiness comes in time, and yes, even you can get into yoga. Here are seven tips on how you can get fit, healthy, and inspired, even if you’re feeling a tad lazy.

Kundalini Yoga

1. Try meditation first

Try meditating first if you’re not energetically ready for physical yoga poses. Quieting your thoughts for a short period every day helps everything fall into place. Still, the mind, sit with your feelings and get used to a routine. Physical poses (aka “asanas”) can come later on.

2. YouTube

YouTube is loaded with easy, free yoga tutorials. Search for “gentle,” “beginner,” and even “yin” yoga. Try several videos and see what sticks—it’s easy, and you don’t have to commit to anything. Just click “play” and see how it goes.

3. Start with sun salutations

Sun salutations are the foundation of a good, solid yoga practice. Dedicate 10-15 minutes a day to these easy movements; they become more fluid in time. I swear that after 10 minutes of sun salutations, I feel ready for almost anything!

4. Try yoga in bed

That’s right, stay in bed a bit longer. Poses such as reclined twists, forward folds, and Who can do butterflies easily while sitting in bed. Google “seated yoga poses” for more ideas, and give it a whirl.

5. Take one class, anywhere

Not a DIY kind of person? Check out local studios, gyms, community centers, and take one beginner class. Just show up and give it a chance. Even the laziest among us can get to one yoga class—come on.

6. Do it twice a day

I practice Transcendental Meditation twice a day for 20 minutes. I find this goal far more attainable than sitting for one 40 minute session. Breaking anything down into chunks can help establish new, healthy habits. For example, try 15-10 minutes of yoga in the morning, then another 15-20 minutes in the evening.

7. Change your perception

Finally, stop thinking of yoga as an item on your never-ending list of errands. Look at what you can do for yourself with just a little investment every day: lower blood pressure, improve your complexion, build a more robust immune system, and attain better posture. Yoga fixes so many ailments—physical and mental. Change up your view, and get a little yoga in your life ASAP.