Women Monthly Cycle – Tips For Greening It Up

Women Monthly Cycle

Women encounter analogous routines every month. Women monthly cycle includes –use of the throwaway napkin, tampon, panty liner, among others. However, one might not be aware that using them might be harmful to one’s health.

Here are various ways of protecting oneself and generating lesser wastes every Women monthly cycle.

monthly cycle

Evade Chlorinated Bleach

Conceivably, the matter of most serious concern about conventional tampons is their manufacture from pulpwood &/or cotton, which are then treated with chlorinated bleaches for whitening them, leading to carcinogenic creation dioxins.

Hence there are rising worries about traditionally used tampons being contributory to more significant than usual cervical cancer cases among females. The cotton is coming in direct contact with tissues of our bodies having max absorbency.

Steer Clear from Farming Toxins

Not merely this, however, cotton cultivated conventionally are sprinkled with multi-billion dollars of agricultural chemical substances – several of these have proven links to an array of health issues among humans.

Now, one certainly doesn’t want these nasty substances near your privates, would you?

Going Chlorine or Chemical Free

Keeping chlorine bleach from the highly-sensitive parts of your body by opting for female sanitary products manufactured with non-bleached constituents or non-chlorine bleaching techniques. Although these products might not be snow-whitish that one is accustomed to seeing and using, one needs to understand that these are more innate & hence proffering more excellent safety to our bodies & our environment.

Opting for Organic products with USDA certification

For shielding from chemical substances used in agriculture, always select pad, tampon varieties from brands manufactured by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) certification organic constituents.

Your best bets are any of the following:

  • Organic Essentials.
  • Seventh Generation.
  • Natracare.

Put a halt to Month-by-Month Waste produced.

Health is not the only aspect one would consider when on the lookout for improved female sanitary products and the waste aspect.

A startling reminder: People in the U.S. are throwing away seven lakh panty liners, 2 ½ million tampons, and over a million napkins daily. What an incredible amount of wastage of pulpwood, plastic, and cotton.

Using Re-usable Cloth Menses Pads

Re-usable cloth menses pads are ideal – only using, washing, and then starting again for the subsequent menstrual cycle. These are available in an array of unique designs and shades. Since they could be lasting for half a decade or even further, one would be saving over 250 dollars throughout the re-usable pads.

Great value for money buys:

  • Glad Rags
  • Etsy (an entire segment is holding all sizes and shapes).
  • Lunapads
  • WeMoon
  • Sckoon

How about Re-usable Menstrual Cups

Women monthly cycle includes several plus points that come to light like:

  • Lasting for nearly twelve hours sans the need for removal hence great for working women.
  • With regular cleaning and maintenance (just rinsing and re-using in the next periods, washing with soapy water, and storing for subsequent usage), these could last for twelve months or even more.
  • One could end up saving from eight hundred dollars onwards over their life spans.

Great Buys:

  • The Keeper.
  • Mpower cup.
  • Green Donna.
  • Femmecup.
  • Yuuki.
  • LadyCup.

Several brands like Diva Cup are available in duo sizes – depending on how old the female is and if or not she has experienced childbirth.

Experimenting with Innate Sea Sponge

These feel quite comfy on use; however, the sole drawback is that there is no means of assuring that the sponges one is using are sustainable harvesting outcomes. Hence, it might not be the most acceptable option for those women with concerns regarding marine health.

Good Buys:

  • Sea Pearls
  • Jade & Pearl.