Where To Go On A First Date


You finally built up the courage to ask that special someone out. Perhaps you coincidentally met someone that really grabbed your attention. Either way, if it well, then you more than likely have a date to plan. There can be a lot of pressure when planning a date. where to go on a first date?

Just relax, take a deep breath. Some of the best dates are the most simplistic. It’s all about the interaction and experience. where to go on a first date, keep some of the ten ideas in mind.

Where to go on a first date

1. Coffee Shop


Although this seems simple, many enjoy going for a cup of coffee while they get to know someone. There are some very trendy coffee shops that offer great coffee and comfortable seating. It’s a low-pressure environment which is generally good for a first date. It’s not always about the most expensive date, it’s all about getting to know one another.

2. The BeachThe Beach

This is not an option for everyone, but the beach is always a great place to go. Depending on your location, you could take your date for a bite to eat and then walk along the shoreline. There’s something magical about the beach. Once again, it’s simple, but a beach can never fail.

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Add your own creative twist on it. Are there places close by where you can rent canoes and paddleboats? Take a leisurely paddle around, talking as you take in the beautiful scenery.

3. Brunch


You could go straight to dinner, but brunch is generally more fun and less pressure. People generally have more time on the weekend, so a late Sunday morning brunch is a good choice. What better way to start your day than with some Bloody Mary’s, eggs benedict, and good company?

It’s better to take your date somewhere casual so that you can relax and be yourself. If you shoot too high and bring them to a fancy restaurant for dinner, there’s a greater chance that things could get awkward.

4. See a Band

See a Band

Live music is always a winner. It’s something different and who doesn’t like music? You don’t need to go to a huge show, in fact, that’s not your best bet. Look into small venues, who are playing live music? This is your chance to get creative and show that you put some time and effort into this date.

An acoustic show is a perfect choice. The sound will be soft enough that you can still have a little chat. This type of atmosphere is generally fun and inviting. You can’t go wrong with music and a drink.

5. The Park

The Park

Once again, there’s something enchanting about the outdoors. If you have a lush park close by, take your date for a stroll. Once you have walked around and talked, suggest some lunch. Bring a picnic along, pulling out all the stops. By the time you have lunch, you should feel more comfortable and who knows where you’ll go from there.

6. A Bar

A Bar

A couple of drinks can be exactly what some people need, especially those that are painfully shy. It’s normal to be nervous on a first date, so one or two beers can help calm those jitters. When you go to a bar, there’s no definite end to the date. For example, a movie may end at 10 pm, which means the date could end too.

With a bar, the date is much more free-flowing. There are also some bars that offer amazing experiences. Cocktail bars put on shows with their creative inventions, whereas craft beer pubs offer incredible beer and food. Get your date to try something new.

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An outdoor patio is always a great choice. However, make sure you keep it together. Don’t drink six drinks in the time that your date drinks one, this probably won’t end well. You’re there to get to know each other, so it would help if you remember your date.

7. Sports Game

Sports Game

You don’t have to be a massive sports fan to enjoy a live game. Going to a baseball game is an interactive and overall good time. There’s always a lot going on and it can make for an exciting atmosphere. You can even put bets on the winning team. Make a little game out of it, who knows, you may get a kiss out of it.

8. Outdoor Screening

Outdoor Screening

The movies had to make the list, but don’t stop there. If possible, catch an outdoor screening of a film. What’s better than a movie outside under the stars? There’s no better place to cuddle, so bring a couple of blankets. Drive-in theaters are always a great choice. Pack the car with snacks, blankets, and you’re ready to go.

9. Bowling


Bowling is old-school, but fun nonetheless. It’s a fun environment that promotes friendly competition. Bowling alleys are generally accessible and some even offer arcade and go-karting. You can grab some food and a beer, while you laugh at how badly your bowl. If you’re laughing and having fun, you’re more likely to get a second date.

10. Aquarium


There are some beautiful aquariums across the country. There’s never a lack of weird and beautiful creatures to talk about it. If you’re shy and have a hard time making conversation, this may be a good option for you. You can talk about everything you’re experiencing and seeing, allowing you to open up and become more comfortable.

These are fairly generic options that the majority of people will have access to. You can get as creative as you want, making your date feel special. A unique date is always a fun and interesting date. Remember, it’s all about the experience. Make your date feel comfortable, make them laugh, and be yourself. If you get along and there are sparks flying, it won’t matter where you are.

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