Real Scoop on Weird-n-Wacky Hair Treatments


A thick glossy mane is truly a crowning glory for his/her owner. No leaf is left unturned by many trying out an array of age-old treatments that are considered adequate.

Well, here’s an elaboration of all those age-old wives’ tales on hair improvement remedies and which ones would do the trick.

Best Topis For Real Scoop On Weird-N-Wacky Hair Treatments

Beer Wash Down

A rather conventional treatment, however, deposits of barley or hops remain in the hair on evaporation of the beer. This coat does tend to offer the hair greater volume, sheen and bounce; however, one would smell like a brewery, which could be quite bothersome. It is also rather pricey.

Rain Water

As rainwater has no hardness like that often found in tap waters, it is ideal for hair. Before a wide-array of shampoos became available, rainwater would have helped keep the hair soft-feeling and glossy. Nevertheless, good-quality shampoos would be effective despite hard water; hence this is solely for environmental activists.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil only when blended along with water till a cream-like suspension is obtained, would have a penetrative effect on hair and help in counteracting dryness. Using Olive Oil directly from the container would not have that kind of permeability into the scalp and would make the hair appear stuck in a rainstorm.


Vinegar functions by lifting the greasiness of the hair and re-distributing it all through. But, those with acidic natured hair types would find vinegar quite helpful in smoothening hair and giving it a glossy look, although there would be the problem of unlikeable odour.


Lecithin protein present in egg yellow would help in coating the hair, though it fails to contend with even a comparatively cut-price conditioner. Even when one egg on some over the hair, avoid rinsing it out with warm water as one would land up smelling alike having breakfasted English-style.

Green Teas

The antioxidant content in green tea could serve as an ideal conditioning agent; however, the astonishing advantages are it wards off male hair loss. Green tea is believed to block an enzyme that aids in converting male testosterone hormone to chemical dihydrotestosterone that promotes hair loss.

Lemon Extract

The citric acid present in lemons functions as bleach for lifting the tones of golden or blonde hair types. However, hair salons often give it a miss as it is tricky controlling its acid levels.

Chamomile Teas

Employed since the ancient Egyptian Era, the innate dye present in chamomile helps colour the hair yellow-toned in analogous ways henna helps in turning hair reddish. Although managing the result is not possible, and the end product could appear strident.

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is the ideal way to lessen oil flow to the scalp. Due to Witch Hazel’s sharp, penetrative and tissue constricting properties, it is an immense scalp soother. For it to start working, it has to be left on for some time.


Coke or Coca-cola does seem to be helpful to a level wherein the remnant proffers bounce and bulk due to sugar coating the hair. A sticky after-feeling is likely and not suggested for sensitive-natured scalp types.


Though smelling nice, it fails to have a profound penetrative effect and hence not that productive. Gobbling these down would be a far better option.

Fabric Softeners

A strict no-no as several individuals could suffer from mild allergic reactions due to these fabric softeners’ chemical constituents, hence better off to be used on clothes.

Tomato Ketchup

Often blondes or fair-haired women experience a horrid greenish hint in their hair following a dip in the swimming pools. Though not the chlorine as several people consider, the copper sulphate added to pool water for killing algal forms is the actual reason.

It is believed that since reds and greens lie on the opposite end of the colour band, tomato ketchup could help neutralize the colour due to copper sulphate following an hour or above of use. A caveat, however – it does not seem always to do the trick.


As absolute alcohols would function by stripping the hair off greasiness, however, its moisture-drawing out nature would make the hair clean but would dehydrate it.

Artificial Sweeteners

Famed hairstylists are known to mix a pack of these into their hair dyes to avoid reactions when they dye hair.

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