Types of Makeup Brushes

makeup brushes
makeup brushes

Brushes are an essential part of makeup brushes that most people overlook, especially people who are new to it all. It’s not all about the product if you are using the wrong tools. I used to be the type of person who applied foundation with my fingers…how unfortunate. Being exposed to a different brand, types of makeup brushes, and knowledge of use is extremely important.

The other day I watched a new Youtube video of a makeup brushes newbie who had all the right techniques but her makeup didn’t pan out so well. She over-applied the foundation causing her to look cakey, this could have easily been avoided with the right brush. I have been into perfecting my foundation routine lately and I have to say brushes have been key to making sure everything is well blended and evenly placed.

Here are a few of my FAVES:

1) Bdellium Tools 974 Brush – You can use a domed brush like this to apply Loose powders, Blush, Contour, and Highlight. I personally love it to blend in my blush with my contour.

2) Sephora Angled Brush (Smoke Eye Set) – You can use this to apply eyeliner or to fill in brows. I like it for both. I alternate between an angled brush and a liner brush (MAC 210) for eyeliner. It depends on your technique and the products you prefer to use.

3) Sigma E40 – This fluffy blending brush is essential because people don’t really understand the importance of blending. A blending blush is just crucial no matter what brand, get one! I have a few other blending brushes that I also really like, this one has longer bristles which is good for a crease area blending. It allows the product to be evenly distributed without packing all the color on one spot like a basic eyeshadow brush.

4) Real Techniques Expert Face Brush –This is my FAVORITE brush by far and I think the name truly says it all. It really is an expert face brush that works well with both liquid and powder products. I use it for foundations or to blend in my contour. The brush is dense yet soft and fluffy.

5) Push Liner Brush – I don’t remember any of the details about it but it’s actually a paintbrush. I use this brush to clean up around my brows with concealer. This brush is probably the most important brush to me because even if I’m not wearing foundation and I choose to fill in my brows, I NEED this.

6) Sonia Kashuk Foundation/Concealer Brush (Double Duty Set) – Though this bigger side is traditionally for foundation I love it to apply mine under eye concealer. I use the smaller end to highlight my nose with concealer. This brush is apart of a set that can be found at Target, I like all of there brushes in it but this is my favorite. Sonia Kashuk brushes are super high quality and very pretty.

7) eBay Contour Brush – That is all I know about this brush. I watched a girl use this brush on Youtube and she provided a link to eBay for it, I purchased it in excitement not knowing it was arriving from China (took forever). I use it to contour specifically with power. It’s very soft and very dense which helps the product blend nicely. It’s not a product you need but it makes contouring easy.

Obviously, these aren’t all my makeup brushes and you can never have too much so told me what brushes should I add to the collection?