Organic Methods To Treat Flea Bites On Babies

treat flea bites
treat flea bites

It’s so lovely to have a pet around, but it’s so bad when your pet has fleas. Dogs or cats are favorite hosts of the pesky insects, so if you have a furry pet, you should watch out for fleas. The blood-sucking parasites disturb not only your pets but also you and your family. They cling to the pets, drop off anywhere in your house and bite you if you accidentally contact with them. Treat flea bites leave red bumps and make you feel so itchy that we can hardly stand scratching. Then you know how bad it is if your babies get bitten by the insect.

To make it worse, baby skin tends to be sensitive and vulnerable, therefore, if not treated promptly, flea bites may cause skin inflammation or even infection. However, there are organic treatments for flea bites that you can look for right at home to relieve your babies from irritation.

Before we go to flea bite treatments, let’s distinguish flea bites and mosquito bites, so that we can know exactly the methods we are using are to treat flea bites. It is said that flea bites occur in a pattern, group, or cluster and usually they are smaller than mosquito bites, which often occur as a single bump.

Flea bites are often found in lower parts of the body, such as ankles, feet, and legs while mosquito bites could be on any exposed parts of the body such as the face, back, arms, or legs. Your babies may get flea bites at any time of the day while mosquito treat flea bites are often at night or after sunset. Those are some of the differences between flea bites and mosquito bites that you may note down for selecting appropriate treatment. Now, we will go to the cures for flea bites in detail.


Teabags are present in most houses and they are useful in multiple ways that you may not know, such as cooling sunburnt skin, relieving tired eyes, conditioning dry hair, stopping foot odor, or tenderizing tough meat. Now for flea bites, tea bags will help to reduce redness the treat flea bites and make your kids feel less irritated. Simply place a tea bag on the bitten spot for 30 minutes and you will see the result.

Cold packs

Ice or cold packs are great to ice down sore muscles. If you have a sprain, apply ice packs on it and you would feel much better. In the case of treat flea bites, cold packs are effective in reducing the redness. So, if you detect that your babies are bitten by fleas, take some cold packs and apply them to the bites. This will relieve your kids from the itchiness or irritation.

Lavender oil

Lavender oil is one of the most preferred essential oil for their practical uses, pleasant scent, and safety for their natural origin. The oil results in a relaxing and calming effect on the body and skin applied. It can heal cuts or wounds faster and act as an effective repellent to mosquitoes, midges, and fleas. A sting by bees or a flea bite could be soothed by lavender oil, which will bring down the discomfort and redness due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Have lavender oil at home and you will be surprised how useful it is.

Witch hazel

Witch hazel is known as a naturally perfect astringent that is absolutely safe and effective for babies. Directly apply the astringent on the skin with the bites and see how much itchiness and swelling are reduced. Witch hazel possesses antibacterial properties that will do wonders for preventing secondary skin infections in case the treat flea bites are scratched.

It’s such a piece of bad luck if your babies get treat flea bites, but there are always natural organic methods that you can use to help relieve your kids from irritation and discomfort. However, prevention is better than cure. You should create a healthy and clean living environment so that your pets have no fleas on their body. And then fleas will have no chance to infest your home and do any harm to you and your family members.