Top 6 Natural Painkillers You Must Use When In Pain

natural painkillers
natural painkillers

Almost everyone experiences some form of pain regularly during their life. Sometimes the pain is caused because of weakness, sometimes because of growth or age, and most of the time, it occurs because of injuries. When you get an injury, your first priority would be to alleviate the pain as soon as possible.

How to get rid of the pain? You will certainly wonder this in your mind just after getting a pain. There are many medications available in the market that claims that they can provide you instant relief from your pain. Though they will provide you relief from your pain, you should be cautious as there are risks involved in using them. These medications may have a number of side effects and can also become addictive.

Rather than oral medication, the best thing you can consider is the solutions nature herself has provided.

Willow Bark

People have been using willow bark for ages to get relief from aches and pains. According to science, the chemical salicin (the same is used in aspirins) is present in the bark of the white willow. You can use this gift of nature to get relief from headaches, back pain, muscle pain, and for different other types of pains. However, it may become harmful for you if you use it in a large quantity. That’s why it is recommended to use it in lesser quantity and only by adults, not children.


You must have seen many people using whole cloves to spice up their meat or rice dishes. Similarly, many people use ground cloves in their foods. It is also used for different medications and you will find it in one of the main ingredients of so many capsules or tablets. Along with all these things, you can also use this blessing of nature as a topical pain reliever. The reason that cloves can be used as a topical medication is that they contain “Eugenol” in them. “Eugenol” is considered a strong natural painkillers reliever that is also used in different OTC pain rubs.

You just need to rub the oil of cloves on the affected area where you are having pain and you will feel instant relief from the pain in just a few minutes.

Heat and Ice

These two are the most common things that are used in all sorts of pains. You can effectively use these common pain relief remedies against backaches, muscle pains, and others. The main thing is that you need to know when to use ice versus heat.

If you have got a tendon, trained muscle, or ligament, you should apply ice to the part of the body where there is swelling or inflammation. After this, once the inflammation has gone, you can apply heat to the affected area. The heat will then reduce the stiffness that comes because of strains. You can apply ice within 24 hours after getting pain and similarly heat after 24 hours. This combination will deliver you better results and you will get much relief from your pain.

Arnica Montana

Arnica Montana is also one of the blessings given by nature. It grows in mountainous areas and plays a great role in giving relief from sprains, bruises, swelling, and different pains. It is also a great source to get relief from arthritis, joint pains, muscle, or back pains.

With advancements in natural painkillers medicine, you can easily find different pain relief creams or other products having Arnica as one of their main ingredients. You can apply those creams or sprays on the affected areas and can get instant relief from your pain.


This is one of the unique medical practices that are used to get relief from pain. It’s an old Chinese medical practice that is related to your body’s natural painkillers’ energy pathways. In this practice, some tiny needles are inserted near the part of the body that is having pain. Acupuncture will cause your body to release serotonin that can ease the pain.


If you are a food lover or cook food by yourself, you must know about Turmeric that is widely used in different foods to give them a perfect color and flavor. There is a special antioxidant that is present in Turmeric that helps a body to get relief from pain.

Thus, by using the above natural painkillers relievers, you can get instant relief from your pain without taking any medication, and without any side effects or drug addictions.