6 Best Water Exercises

Water Exercises

Water Exercises are an excellent means of building suppleness, strength, and fitness while placing no strain on the joints. Suggested below are the six best water exercises one could do while out in the pool.

6 Best Water Exercises

Exercise 1: Web-handed water marching

Water provides innate resistance that aids in strengthening muscles. In addition, the low-impact activity takes the pressure off the muscle, bone, and joint area making these the best water exercises one could do.

In this exercise, one could begin by standing in waist-deep water, walking across the pool, and swinging the arms like one does when walking on the ground. Who must avoid Tip-toe walking and back posture to maintain an erect stance? Who must tighten abdominal muscles to avert tipping too far forwards or to the sides?

Resistance in the hand and arm movements could be increased by donning hand webs. In addition, waterproof shoes could assist in maintaining a grip on the pool base.

Exercise 2: Web-handed deep-water marching

Once comfort levels in waist-deep have been acquired, one could attempt marching in about chest-deep water. Again, the arms are to be swung while one marches ahead in the water, back erect and abdominal muscles tightened to avert overly tipping forward or on the sides.

Who could place a prop like a water noodle in-between one’s legs to assist in staying afloat? However, one must ensure that the water noodle in the front is at a lesser height than the back. Those not knowing swimming could employ floatation vests or belts in deep waters. Who could enhance resistance in arm and hand movements by wearing hand webs and waterproof shoes for maintaining footing on the pool base?

The intensity of the workout could be increased by doing a jog in deep waters.

Exercise 3: Webbed Arm Exercising

A hand web could be an ideal way of strengthening the bicep and tricep muscles underwater. After donning hand webs, standing in waist-deep water and arms placed downwards, palms to face forwards and elbows near the body. Forearms are raised to water level, and the elbows to be kept near the body. Now switch directions and push the hands down until the arms are straightened once more. Twelve to fifteen reps are to be done or till one is exhausted.

Exercise 4: Barbell arm exercising

Aqua weights are foam-based barbells used for creating resistance underneath the water. Beginning with arms placed at the sides and clasping the bar of the aqua weights with the palm faced upwards. The forearm is raised to water exercises level and elbows to be kept near the body. The barbells are to be turned over so that the palm faces the pool exercises base. The hands are to be pushed downward till the arms are straightened once more. Doing 12-15 reps or till one is exhausted.

Exercise 5: Kickboard resistance exercising

One could stand erect with feet placed away from one another and tightening the abdominal muscles. The left arm is extended, and the resistance-creating kickboard is held on each end. The right elbow is to be kept near the body and then move the kickboard toward the body’s core. Now returning to the start stance and doing 12-15 reps or tired. The right arm is then extended, and the exercise is repeated on the other side.

Exercise 6: Noodle leg exercising

Who could strengthen the leg muscles by tying a water noodle in a loop around the waterproof shoes? Now standing with the back propped to the poolside in waist-deep water exercises, the arms placed on the pool exercises projection for steadiness. Now straighten the leg ahead of you and then flex the knee to a perpendicular inclination. Reverting to beginning stance and doing 12-15 reps or till exhausted. The same has to be done with the other leg as well.

Regularly practising these six best water exercises is bound to be an excellent calorie-burning, balance-improving, and body toning workout.