Top 5 Exercises That You’ll Enjoy

top 5 exercises

In the 21st century, with more and more sedentary jobs on the rise, people need to do a lot of top 5 exercises to stay healthy. Gone are the days, where one had to walk down streets to buy groceries or get their work done. With the growth in technology, all things are a phone call or rather a click away. Technology has made humans lazy and active at the same time. Lazy as; they don’t wish to walk, all they want is cars, bikes to reach their destination. Active as; some fitness freaks are really making use of the equipment like treadmills, cross- trainers, exercise bikes, etc. to have a healthy life.

Many people find it hard to start exercising and often give lame excuses like- they have a busy schedule, so no time for exercising; have body aches after exercising, and many more. You need to understand, how important is exercise? Exercise benefits you in ways like- reduces stress, keeps you away from diseases, brings happiness and freshness, ensures you a longer life, maintains the weight, etc. It is just that you need to find the best exercise for your body. Here are the 5 best types of exercises for them who earlier gave lame excuses and stayed away from physical activities.

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For dance lovers, Zumba is the best form to exercise. It is aerobic-based dancing on Latin music. You can enroll yourself at a Zumba class or you can look for videos readily available on the internet. A Zumba class is both, a dance class and fitness class. It doesn’t matter even if you have two left foot’s, Zumba is a form of exercise which will help you improve your cardiovascular health, reduce weight, make you feel good and happy. It provides a full-body workout, right from head to toe. What can be a better way to stay healthy while dancing on top songs of the season?


When was the last time you enjoyed the coolness of water? For those who like water, swimming is the best exercise. The buoyancy provided by water is helpful for people with arthritis. Swimming produces very low stress on your body, eliminating the aches caused by any other activity. Women who wish to have a flat belly can choose swimming, as it is said to be one of the best calorie burners. It also strengthens your heart and lungs by providing a cross-training activity. The control over your breathing, the movement of hand and leg muscles makes it a good exercise to reduce heart disease.


The best way to start exercising is cycling; choose a stationary cycle or normal cycle. It will help you strengthen your legs, increases your blood circulation, keeps you away from heart diseases, and high blood pressure. You can go cycling down the street or in the parks. It will keep your mind fresh with the serene nature. Cycling is good to approach to lose weight and builds toughness in your body. Stationary cycling can be equally beneficial. Place the cycle in your lawns or the front of the television, and enjoy cycling as physical activity.


The most common and effective way to say goodbye to diseases, muscle aches, stress, fats, anxiety, etc. You don’t have to be a marathon runner to do all this. Just a half an hour run for a day can help you more than you could ever imagine. Running will burn your fats very easily; approx 300 calories are burnt after running for half an hour. You can choose to hit the parks or hop on the treadmill. Make sure to stretch before and after running. So, put on your running shoes and start your run towards a healthy body.

Be Sporty

Play the sport which makes you feel good and also keeps you fit. A lot of options are there, like- tennis, badminton, football, basketball, volleyball, cricket, etc. Playing a sport will turn your dislike in like for exercising. While playing you will have to run, jump, stretch your hand, leg, rotate your shoulder, etc. It will lead to reduce stress, burn calories, keep you fit and the most important makes you feel good and happy. While playing, you will interact with friends and teammates it will also help you build confidence in yourself.

Being healthy is very important. If you have already taken a step towards staying healthy, then give a pat on your back. A great job is done! If not then, it is never late, put on your shoes, and make way for a healthy and happy life.