Top 10 Pregnancy Signs

Pregnancy Signs

Most women who have conceived, most probably would not spot any symptoms till they have skipped their menses or 1-2 weeks later.

Here are top 10 Pregnancy Signs that women must be vigilant about.

1. Breast Swelling and Tenderness

Sensitiveness and swelling in the breasts because of surging hormonal levels is among the foremost pregnancy signs. Breast tenderness could be felt similar to an amplified version of premenstrual syndrome symptoms. Discomforting sensation would lessen considerably once the second trimester begins and body adapts to the hormonal fluctuations.

2. Tiredness

Early pregnancy weariness is likely due to rapid rise in progesterone hormone contributory to drowsiness. Feelings of fatigue would subside in the middle trimester though often returning in the final trimester due to bearing fetal weight and several prevalent discomforting sensations during pregnancy which hinder sound sleep.

3. Implantation Bleeding

Several female experience some extent of blood loss from the vagina about eleven or twelve day post-conception (nearing the time one could spot skipped menses). Blood loss occurs when the egg post-fertilization embeds itself onto the blood rich uterine lining – commencing around 6 days post-fertilization.

The spotting or bleeding is quite faint and appears reddish, pinkish or red-brown in colour and lasting for solely around 1-2 days. Doctor’s opinion must be sought in case pains are felt alongside spotting or bleeding which could be indicative of ectopic pregnancy.

4. Feeling nauseous or puking

In several women, morning sickness might not strike till around a month after getting pregnant while a fortunate few would be able to evade it totally. However, queasiness (gestational nausea and puking) could arise somewhat earlier among some females and be felt all through the day or even night times.

Nearly half the populace of expectant mothers would experience total respite from nausea by the onset of mid trimester or in most others morning sickness would last 1-2 months longer.

5. Heightened Sensitiveness to Smells

Repulsiveness to certain odors or aroma could elicit gagging reflexes among women who have lately conceived which might be a side-effect of swiftly rising estrogen levels. Some foods that were earlier enjoyed could abruptly feel totally revolting.

6. Feeling Bloated

Bloating in the abdominal region could be felt in early gestation analogous to what many women experience during pre-menses phase.

7. Recurrently Urinating

Due to a rise in the supply of blood or bodily fluid during gestational period there is additional fluid processing in the kidneys that would end up in the bladder.

This is one of the 10 pregnancy signs starting as soon as 6 weeks in the initial trimester and continuing or worsening as pregnancy advances due to the developing fetus exerting greater pressure on the urinary bladder.

8. Skipped Menses

Basal body temperature (BBT) would continue to remain high for nearly two weeks at a stretch which is indicative of pregnancy.

10. An Affirmative Result of A Home Pregnancy Test

Despite whatever claims are present on the kit, several home pregnancy tests are incapable of spotting majority of the conceptions till around seven days following a skipped menses. Hence checking earlier that this time and getting a negative outcome must be corroborated with a re-test a couple of days later.