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Yoga is a gentle and wonderful way to keep your mind focused and the body flexible during pregnancy, labor as well as birth. Most birth and medical professionals recommend yoga as the best exercise for pregnant women. Prenatal yoga classes are very important to pregnant women. When it is paired with the cardiovascular exercises like walking, yoga can be the best way to keep in shape during pregnancy. It is beneficial as it helps you to learn how to relax and breathe deeply. This will come in handy while facing the physical demands of the labor period and birth. The following are the top 10 best prenatal yoga pose practices:

10. Low Lunge Pose

Low Lunge Pose

This pose is fantastic during pregnancy as it is a hip-opener. It also helps to strengthen the abdomen and lower back. If you practice it with your arms up, it will give you a deep stretch in the back and shoulders. It is excellent during labor, and may be helpful especially during a surge so as to open the pelvis as well as encourage the baby to rotate, engage and descend.

9. Bound Angle Pose

Bound Angle Pose

This is also known as the butterfly pose. It gives a good stretch to the inner-thighs, opens the hips, improves posture and helps to stretch the neck and back. It also helps in stabilizing the pelvis which is quite helpful for women in pregnancy.

8. Full Squat Pose

Full Squat Pose

This is an all-round and excellent pose for pregnancy, labor as well as birth. It strengthens the legs, opens the stretches and the hips. As it might be difficult to balance during labor and in late pregnancy, you may need to use a yoga block, a low stool or support yourself against the wall.

7. Easy Pose

Easy Pose

This is a great pose for starting and ending your yoga session. Although it may be intense to hold, it does not require a lot of flexibility. During labor and pregnancy, it may be used as a relaxing and resting pose and also helps in gently opening the hips. Shoulder and arm stretches in this pose help in relieving tension on the shoulders and opening up the chest.

6. Warrior II Pose

Warrior II Pose

This pose strengthens abdominal muscles, gives thighs an intense stretch and is helpful especially if you are experiencing tight hips. It may also help to stretch the shoulders and the back as well as relieve back pains during pregnancy. The pose opens the hips and encourages the baby to engage. During labor, it assists by opening one’s pelvis for the baby to come down and puts pressure to aid in cervix dilation.

5. Child Pose

Child Pose

This is a relaxing and resting pose. It stretches the lower back and helps one to have moments of stillness. During labor, child pose is a helpful resting pose especially between surges. It takes the pressure off your wrists and knees when you are pushing or laboring on your knees and hands. If you want to practice this pose, have 3 or 4 blankets stacked up ready for you to lean your chest on so as to relax forward into the pose.

4. Cat/Cow Poses

Cat and cow poses are both good for lower-back pain. They help in taking the weight and pressure of the baby off your back and hips. It gives you a mild stretch for both abdominal muscles and the lower back. Practicing a cat and cow sequence also encourages the baby to move into a better position for labor. Use a birth-ball to lean on so as to reduce the pressure on your wrists and arms.

3. Sitting Side Stretch Pose

Sitting Side Stretch Pose

Around week 30 of your pregnancy, your belly gets bigger. This pose will open your pelvis and side waist and stretch your hips. It helps in loosening the spine and torso as well as strengthening the pelvic muscles and parts of the lower back. It also expands your lungs for easier breathing during delivery.

2. Triangle Pose

Triangle Pose

This is an all-round pose that opens up the shoulders, stretches the side body, works the legs and energizes the hips. It helps in stretching and opening up the hips in preparation for delivery. It also stimulates blood circulation throughout the body. The pose is known to reduce blood pressure, anxiety and stress. It gives flexibility to the groins, hips and hamstrings as well as massages the internal-organs.

1. Extended Side Angle Pose

Extended Side Angle Pose

This is the best prenatal yoga practice which helps in strengthening the legs and managing leg swellings that are common during the second trimester. It works to open-up the hips especially if you are sitting at your desk throughout the day.

Prenatal yoga is very important during pregnancy as it helps one to relax, relieve the pain and open up the pelvis in readiness for child birth. If you are looking for a safe and effective prenatal yoga practice, the above yoga poses can help you to achieve the best results.

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