5 Sommelier Tips for Hosting a Wine Tasting Party

Wine Tasting Party
Wine Tasting Party

Hosting a wine tasting party is a perfect chance for you to check whether you are up to date with the tastes that people enjoy. However, hosting this kind of party won’t only put your wine knowledge to the test. The organization itself can be very challenging. But hey, don’t worry – that’s why we’ve got you covered!

From planning every detail of the event to enjoying every second of it, your wine tasting party can turn out to be really exciting if you only follow a five-step guide we’ve prepared for you.

Plan literally every detail

Many people make a common mistake by starting the preparations 24h before the party. If you really want to organize a memorable event, you’ll have to brainstorm many times before making a final plan.

First, visualize the whole event. Then, try to remember all the details you saw and write them down. Never underestimate the ability of your imagination to be your most reliable assistant in the organization. The parties are supposed to be fun, so let your mind play.

Once you write them down, double-check whether you have memorized all the ideas and then start searching for ways to turn them into a reality. You can start by asking your closest friend for an opinion. After you hear the second opinion, read what people who have experience with the organization had to say about the party planning checklists. If your budget allows, hiring an event manager for this special occasion will definitely save your nerves if not the money.

Choose the best wines

Considering that you’ll throw the wine tasting party, it’s logical that you’ll spend much more time building a wine list than preparing the food.

One thing is pretty certain – you can trust people who work within the wineries or vineyards. For example, they’ll tell you which Chardonnays to taste depending on your favorite flavors or the time of the year when the party is happening. It’s best to choose wine like La Crema Chardonnay for both its taste and aromas. The white wines are generally favorites of the many, so make sure to pick the best Chardonnays for your guests.

If you want the thematic wine party, you can for example research the wine scenes of the specific countries that you and your guests have visited so far.

Pair the right foods

Regardless of the level of your wine knowledge, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to wine and food pairing. Experts claim that there are rules that every person who plans to throw a wine tasting party needs to follow. The rule above all other rules is that the flavor intensity of the food and wine should be about the same. Also, the wine should be sweeter and more acidic than the meal.

For your party, you can choose salmon and cheese as the base for the food menu. Pasta and different sauces are also approved by wine experts.

While Chardonnay pairs well with pasta, salads, sauces, and seafood, the red wines go well with grilled food and spicy sausage dishes.

Pick the playlist that matches the theme

There’s a strong connection between wine and music.

If you make the right playlist, your guests will enjoy the party to the fullest. Set the mood with the soulful tunes because the wine is supposed to help with body and soul relaxation.

Also, make sure that the playlist includes both traditional and popular songs of the countries whose wines your guests will taste. The relaxing atmosphere is guaranteed because you’ll have your guests dancing and laughing all night long.


Lastly, do your best to enjoy yourself. While the organization can be stressful, the event itself should be all about wines and fun.

The one thing you should always keep in mind is that the wines should always be in the center of everyone’s attention. Everything else is up to you and your guests.

Once the bottles are opened, forget about the organization and simply be a good friend to the party attendees. Let the control-freak in you leave the room.

Your wine tasting party needs to differ from the birthday or graduation parties. The only way to make it a real wine party is to be concentrated on the wine tasting. This time, don’t let anyone opt for any other beverage. Pour them glasses and get the party started!