Therapeutic Bath Recipes for Health & Well-Being

Therapeutic Bath

Who wouldn’t enjoy the unwinding pleasures of a relaxing therapeutic Bath in one’s abode? Retreat to a tepid, fragranced bath & illuminated candles for utter mind-body placation – the privacy & heartsease of the bathroom facilitates serene meditating. Or perhaps one needs an energy perk-up for breezing through the day – cool baths drenched with lemony aromas on a sun-drenched day could be what one needs.

The use of fragrant oils can be a new dimension-adder to your bath water & different blends would help to energize, heal & calm you.

A number of the elucidated recipes necessitate the usage of essential oils. Due to their high concentration, diluting them before their addition into your bath water is highly recommended as otherwise, they could irritate your skin. Who could use carrier oils for this purpose like:

Therapeutic Bath

  • Apricot
  • Sesame
  • Hazelnut
  • Grapeseed
  • Almond
  • Olive

Combining twenty-five droplets (or one-fourth tsp.) essential oil into 1 oz. carrier oil is recommended. Most importantly, seek a medical opinion before commencing any herb or essential oil on oneself if one is an expectant mother or using it on kids. Those susceptible to allergies must firstly be testing a minuscule quantity of post-dilution essential oil on the inner area of their arm & waiting for twelve hours to check for any reactions experienced.

Invigorate & Decoct

The potent inclusion of trio spices (a mainstay in India) helps by sharpening all senses & un-fogging the mind. How about starting the day with this therapeutic Bath that could be made by including the following ingredients:

  • One tbsp. powdery cinnamon
  • One tbsp. powdery ginger
  • A big orange (cut into slices)
  • Six clove pods
  • Citrus or spice-scent candles

Tying together the spices mentioned above together in a cloth forming a pouch, and adding it to your tepid bath. Light on the candles for that added zing. Now set orange wedges afloat in the bath. While you soak in the goodness of this bath, sip on some chilled spiced tea or freshly squeezed OJ.

Glossy Skin

This is a fabulous therapeutic Bath recipe that assures moisturizing & smoothening coarse/ uneven skin and ideal for those residing in arid climatic conditions.

  • A cupful milk
  • A cupful of rolled oats
  • Duo cupfuls sugar
  • Vanilla-scented candlesticks

Running a tepid water bath & adding milk to it. The rolled oats are tied together in old stockings or muslin cloth and let afloat in the bath. Using the sugar for exfoliation by scrubbing minuscule fistfuls all over the skin ensued by rubbing the rolled oats pouch over the body for soothing the skin.

Headache Reliever

Sometimes headaches fail to subside irrespective of what one tries. A remedial bath like this one is just what’s needed for clearing your head. A mix of one-fourth tsp. Each chamomile, lavender & peppermint are to be added to a heated water bath. Sipping on lately brewed chamomile or peppermint teas while soaking in the bath & inhaling the vapor in protracted, gradual breaths & concentrating on relaxing the facial muscles is advised.

Chilling out in the lawn

Envisage yourself sleeping off to the sounds of humming insects & the scents of blossoms drifting in the air. Adding half tsp. Each lavender plus rose mix into a tepid bath & floating ten twigs of freshly picked lavender & plucked petals of duo roses all over the water of the bath & immerse yourself in its wondrousness.


The use of baths for treatment or assistance in curing injury & ailment forms of every kind has been widespread among Egyptian, Greek, Hindu, Native American, Hebrew, Babylonian, among other races. However, until lately, those practicing complementary therapies have offered a prescription of several contemporary hydrotherapy treatment forms. Currently, both complementary & traditional physicians are deploying water therapy for treating an array of medical problems.

Many sportspersons are aware of & tried some hydrotherapy. Suggestion for using heated water bath & whirlpool to ease muscle soreness or injury cases in gym, school & fitness center settings has become popular. Several hydrotherapy forms comprise sauna, mineral bath, wrap, bath, flushes & compress that are claimed to resolve an array of conditions like skin conditions, stresses, anorexia, among several others.

Cold Water Hydrotherapy

It is recuperative & helps in building body resistance. The cool water temperature helps in blood vessel constriction & has inflammation-combating, pain-relieving, anesthetizing & muscle toning properties. Other  health  benefits include lowering body temperature, increasing blood flow & allaying swellings post-injury. Treatments entail varied kinds of shower, cold compress, ice-pack, ice massages & bath.

Hot-water hydrotherapy

It entails using heated water to stimulate & relax the body and help the body ably tiding over cold, viral forms & flu. The use of heated water even triggers body sweat that helps to remove toxic matter out from the body & replenishing the body with novel fluids. The use of heated compress, pack, soak bath & hyperthermia are part of the hot-water hydrotherapy treatments.

Contrast Hydrotherapy

It entails the use of the above two treatments in alternation. These are devised for dilating & contracting the blood vessels, keeping the vessels in top form & even allaying inflammations, improving organ functioning, improving assimilation, increasing blood flow, reducing congestion & stimulating crucial glands.

Neutral Bath

It involves immersing the body – neck-deep in a neutral temperature water bath (ranging amid ninety-two to ninety-eight degrees Fahrenheit), which helps to soothe the body & treating emotionally related problems, sleeplessness & calming the CNS. In addition, people suffering mild-ranging cardiovascular problems would also benefit from joint swelling & liver problems from soaking in such a bath.

Whirlpool Baths

The water movement in these baths works (in an internal & external manner) by gently & unobtrusively massaging the body. Whirlpool baths are advised for healing muscle & joint injuries, lower swellings & enhance blood supply. Also ideal for people with pains due to frostbites, sore formations on the skin, infection-ridden wound & burn cases.


It is a heated water therapy intended for raising body temperature & inducing fevers. Though fevers are mostly deemed unfavorable when dealing with sicknesses, rising body temperatures help in jolting up immune systems for better combating diseases or viruses.