Stress Relief

Discover the most common ways and methods of Stress Relief and how you can begin overcoming your stress

Stress Relief

Everyone experiences stress at one point or another during their lifetime. So many different things can cause stress for an individual, but there is always a way to manage it. Tons of research has been conducted regarding stress and stress relief-related issues.

Stress Relief Techniques

While some people think an activity as simple as sitting in front of the TV after a long, hard day will help them relieve stress, the truth is that the best relief techniques involve getting one’s body to relax naturally. offers a lot of valuable advice on how to combat stress. Some effective methods they recommend include:

  • yoga
  • deep breathing
  • rhythmic exercise
  • meditation

Who should perform relaxation techniques such as these regularly? These are tasks that can easily be fit into anyone’s day, no matter how busy they are. The minimum amount of time one should be spending engaging in these techniques per day is anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes; between 30 minutes and 60 minutes per day is best for receiving maximum benefits from these relaxation techniques.

When one chooses the relaxation technique that will be the most beneficial to them, they must consider how they react to stress. For example, an introvert may prefer doing yoga at home, while an extrovert will likely want to take a yoga class so other people can surround them.

Yoga For Stress Relief

The Mayo Clinic recommends using yoga as a way to relieve stress. One of the reasons for this is that there are so many different variations of yoga. Among yoga’s most widely practiced styles is Hatha, which is very good for stress relief. It is easy for beginners to learn and involves physical movements that anyone can quickly know.

Breathing and poses are the two most essential aspects of yoga and are successful in helping many people manage stress. One of the reasons yoga relieves stress so well is that it helps people feel better physically and often improves their mood.

Yoga Stress Relief

An easy yoga move that teenagers can do before bed is a forward fold. Yoga can be beneficial in allowing even teenagers to combat stress. There are certain times when teenagers should engage in yoga, including before going to bed while studying for a test and before taking one.

Performing yoga stretches just before bedtime can help teenagers unwind from the day and turn their brains off for the night. Doing this three or four times before getting into bed is recommended by Teens

Since studying can cause teenagers stress, taking the time to do some quick exercises can be helpful. Who can also do forward folds during this time, and many teenagers even try balancing poses and neck and shoulder rolls while studying. A mini face massage is also recommended to help teenagers relax when preparing for a test.

Stress Relief Meditation

A non-profit organization, the Maharishi Foundation, encourages anyone suffering from stress to practice transcendental meditation as a form of relief. This type of meditation is a technique that uses the mind to relax the body.

The physiological effects it causes helps people naturally settle into a relaxed state of being. According to a Georgetown University Medical School psychiatrist, there is more evidence supporting transcendental meditation than anything else of all the proven ways to relieve stress.

Stress Headache Relief

Everyone suffers from headaches, and stress is the leading factor that causes them. TThese headaches can be caused by emotional and mental stress. Though a stress headache tends to hurt less than other headaches, it is still something no one wants to deal with.

Stress Relief Pills

Though there are many types of pills to relieve headaches brought on by stress, one of the most popular medications to take is Migralex. This over-the-counter medication was created by a doctor and is safe for healthy adults to use.

Natural Stress Relief/Herbal Stress Relief

While pills are the answer for some people when getting rid of their stress-induced headaches, others prefer to use natural stress relief forms.

In 2012 published a story stating that passionflower herbs are going to relieve stress naturally. According to the British Herbal Compendium, passionflower herbs’ effects on most people include calming them down overall; they can use passionflower herbs to relieve stress when people become nervous.

Stress Relief Supplements

Taking supplements to relieve stress is a time-honored tradition supported by doctors. advises people suffering from anxiety to taking vitamins B and C to help combat it. Other vitamins that can help combat stress are Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Folate, Pantothenic, and Biotin acid.

Stress Relief Tea

A University College London study has determined that black tea can help relieve stress in men better than green tea and herbal tea. The men who participated were divided into two groups that did not include women in this study.

One group was given actual black tea t drink while the other group was assigned a liquid designed to taste black tea without actually being black tea. Both groups were then exposed to stressful activities and situations for six weeks. Who determined who can lower a person’s hormone levels to an average level after consuming tea.

The Office Stress Relief

No matter what someone does for a living, there are bound to be days where their work or the company they work for stresses them out. One of the places people experience stresses the most is in the office. One of the reasons people often feel stressed when working in an office is because they get into the habit of sitting in front of their work computer for hours, every day of the workweek.

Studies have determined that staring at a computer screen for hours causes stress. To combat this, it is best to walk away from the computer periodically throughout the day, even if one can’t leave their office. Even taking a short break to watch a funny video online can help relieve a person’s stress during the workday.

Many people tend to munch on sweets while at work to help themselves feel less stressed out. However, it has been proven that sugary foods can either make a person’s stress level worse or cause them to feel stressed due to eating them.

One method of relieving stress that works better is chewing on a piece of gum. This is because gum reduces cortisol in a person’s body, which is directly connected to the stress they feel.

Stress Relief Activities

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), most people can control their stress levels using certain activities such as various aerobic exercises. Other recommended activities to relieve stress include massage therapy and acupuncture.

Stress Relief Exercises

Since exercise is proven to relieve stress, the ADAA also recommends regularly engaging in it. Suffering from anxiety often makes it harder to concentrate, and exercise can rejuvenate a person to regain their ability to focus on everyday tasks. Something as simple as jogging can be constructive when relieving stress.

Stress Relief Tips

Generally speaking, the more active a person is, the less likely to suffer from stress. Remaining active helps the chemicals in a person’s body by stimulating their brain and keeping their mood elevated. Being able and willing to connect with other people also helps to quick stress relief.

Stress Relief Games recommends that people play games designed to relieve stress. The Squeegee Breath game involves taking a deep breath, holding it for three seconds, and letting the breath out. This can be made into a game when one keeps track of how many times they do it per day.

Stress Relief Music

Music can be a big part of anyone’s method for relieving stress. Patients who listen to stress relief music before and after undergoing surgery are calmer and better able to handle the anxiety they feel.

Stress Relief Gifts

While music can be a great stress reliever, there are many other gifts one can receive that will accomplish the same thing. This includes the gift of stress relief balls, which can squeeze to help a stressed-out person calm down.

Stress Relief Quotes

There are famous quotes related to stress relief, such as:

“Exercise relieves stress. Nothing relieves exercise.”

“Reality is the leading cause of stress amongst those in touch with it.”

In short, no one is safe from suffering stress.