Spa Treatment for Your Vagina – V-Baths All the Rage

Spa Treatment

Perhaps the weirdest spa treatment trend at present – the V-bath or vaginal steam bath – with existent popularity in Asiatic nations for many years is currently garnering steam in the United States for its myriad health gains.

So, why not give your vaginas those must-deserved facials when because they bear the constant brunt of either Pap tests, weird fitted undergarments, tampons thrust in monthly – a little tender loving care is most welcome.

Such a method has roots buried in primeval Korean customs – folk-wisdom & also some sense. It is claimed that V-baths (chai-yok) could help in:

Spa Treatment

  • Stress reduction.
  • Combat infection.
  • Get rid of problematic hemorrhoids.
  • Menstrual cycle regulation & aids infertility.

Several Korean females are known to steam regularly after their monthlies. Factually, several females even vouch for this trendy spa treatment in reducing depression & resolving infertility.

The Vaginal Steam Bath Experience

Heady steam emanates from a sweltering container filled with a potent mix of herb forms like wormwood and mugwort. Over it, a UG-less woman is required to be squatted on an open seating stool for obtaining recuperative gains of the herb forms & steam.

The current rate lies between twenty to fifty dollars for a fifteen to forty-five minutes long-lasting session of a vaginal steam bath. The matching therapy is obtainable for males designed for steaming their perineal region.

The rationale behind the Trend

It is not improbable that vaginal deliverance of particular Chinese herbs may be having some advantages. The vagina has a wide-ranging blood supply & parched mucus membranes that easily mops up medicines. Hence, several physicians yet use herbs to treat an array of medical problems.

Also, many gynecologists prescribe herbal suppository for the vagina to assist the immune system in fighting human papillomavirus, which is causal to irregular Pap testing, wart formation in the genitals & cancer of the cervix.

It is the entire perception behind the trendy insertion of vodka-saturated tampon inside the vaginal area so that a high is experienced sans getting caught with alcohol breath which is often reflective of indulgences. Hence, it does appear to make sense why V-baths are effective. However, every recipe’s success depends on its active constituents and the analogous holds for V-baths.

Mugwort is prevalently deployed in TCM (known as moxibustion) for turning breech presentation so that vaginal delivery is possible by such mothers.

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It could even cause contractions in the uterus & been deployed as a means of aborting the fetus. Such form of therapy assists infertility as it helps in moving & strengthening life energy (qi). Several infertility-related issues are associated with draughtiness & stagnations.

The vaginal steam bath treatment is effective for pitiable blood supply in the lower portion of the body since it enhances blood flow. Hence better the blood circulation, quicker would be the recuperative process. Mugwort could safely be used, though several individuals may be allergic to the herb.

Wormwood (coincidentally a constituent in the infamous absinthe or vermouth) has been utilized to treat GI problems as an antibacterial, assisting in reducing fever & assist expectant mothers tide through labor contractions. Who must caution that this herb, when directly touched, could lead to rash formations when oral use could be causal to seizure attack or harm to the liver.

Since it is related to ragweed, people who suffer from allergic reactions to ragweed might even respond similarly to wormwood. It has been touted to have inflammation-combating properties & treating erratic menstrual cycles.

Regrettably, there is a shortage of in-depth scientific trials for proving how safe & effective these herbs are when deployed solely, though they have been in use for hundreds of years.

Finally, those non-residents of N.Y. or California need not fret since they could procure the do-it-yourself V-bath with the instruction set from the ‘happy uterus’ website or procure it from the site ‘’ costing over three hundred dollars that include the herb mix, open seating stool & steamer.

There is no harm in trying it, as in the worst of situations, you’ll be short of fifty or so dollars though with a thoroughly cleansed vulva skin.