Smokey Eye Makeup Application

smokey eye makeup

Learn that to get the best smokey eyes makeup, who knows not the world is not always necessary to be a professional, sometimes with some tips on appropriate home styles and aesthetics and techniques of advanced smokey eye makeup is possible to get a make give us a perfect image sexy very pretty and sexy at the same time. Then we will show step by step how to get the best effect and learn to smokey eyes makeup’s pretty and you can learn how to do eye makeup.

Smokey Eye Makeup Application

First, to learn how to paint or smokey eyes makeup we must consider the color of our skin, if a spring or summer, possibly this dark, if fall or winter will be a little whiter. If this dark, we know that not all types of eye makeup we will be well, therefore we can not abuse the foundation or the concealer on the facial makeup of our face or face as it would seem unnatural makeup and smoking would not look right eye. Sometimes, you can choose to use some dust broader, but remember to always be very blurred.

You will need eye shadows in various colors to get good smokey eyes, such as shadows in shades of gold are not too dark, but in shades of cream tones, or also, brown, green, or purple. Remember that the colors in dark smoke will affect the smokey eyes and light colors create contrast. The gold smokey eye makeup always seems to be fine.

You’ll also need an eye pencil or liner should be black or very dark tone, a paintbrush to be absolutely necessary to apply eye shadow, mascara and sometimes you can use a curling eyelash to complete smokey eyes makeup. You can buy the kit, set, makeup kit as a dealer or specialty stores like Sephora brand Bacardi as Lina, who has an innovative line of cosmetic colors you will get a perfect eye, although there are more brands with good products like Maybelline, Garnier, loreal parts or Margaret Astor.

To complete all the steps remember to make up the eyelids first applying eye shadow on them to get the smokey eyes and then inside the eye with eyeliner. The colors of our smokey eyes will depend on the shape and type of eyes to make up, but usually goes well with all eye colors, green, blue, and black, with brown eyes is always great. However, do not forget that good eye smokey eyes makeup going well for both small and large eyes and can also help conceal dark circles, eye bags, or even droopy eyes, but if you wear contact lenses you may have some problems.

smokey eye makeup effect is good for both party nights to wear makeup during the day ideal. Something that should never be left to chance is the lip makeup, nails, eyebrows, and nose which combine our smokey eyes makeup and clothing and hairstyle are going to get for the occasion.

If you’re still undecided on the color makeup woman should choose for a beautiful smokey eye, do not hesitate to consult various catalogs and fashion magazines this season where you can find lots of photographs and smokey eyes makeup that will make find out for sure, you can even find some pictures of famous where inspiration.

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I hope all the tricks explained in this mini tutorial I have used makeup to learn how to get makeup or painting the eyes to get a smokey effect on us of beauty to be beautiful.


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