Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes

Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes

There are many signs and symptoms of diabetes. Usually, these signs help us to prevent diabetes before it becomes worst. The most important cause of this disease is a lack of insulin production, ineffective insulin, or insulin resistance.

There are different types of diabetes:

This disease requires proper monitoring of blood sugar. A person with diabetes should follow a diet formula to maintain the required blood sugar level in the body. Early detection of this disease is important to avoid the dangerous effect of diabetes.

There are important signs that can be helpful for the body to identify this grave disorder. However, these symptoms can be manifested slowly in the case of type 2 disorders. The

person with this disease usually feels extremely thirsty and hungry throughout the day before the disease develops. The person may drink a lot of liquids and eat enough food but the craving for these keep on increasing. Once a person notices this type of change in the body, it is best to consult the doctor and subject yourself for a blood test.

Losing weight and haziness can also be considered as a manifestation that a person has diabetes. The haziness is usually evident in type 1 cases of this disease. A person with this disease has a tendency to urinate frequently.

The best way to control the occurrence of this disease is to proportion one’s weight with height. For most people having this disease, losing 5-7 pounds of weight can slow down the progression of the disease. Diet is very important with this type of disease. A person should take the right foods to control blood sugar levels. If a person was able to control what he eats then he can control this disease and have fewer complications in the future.

There are many foods a person can eat that will help the blood sugar regulated and this is great since having this disease requires the person to keep the level of sugar down. The statistic of the person having diabetes is increasing and proper education about the disease is important. Educating a person about the disease is important in managing this disease and in order to have a healthy life.

Among the types of disease type 1 and type 2 is said to be the most popular type. Type 1 is not prevented and is congenital. Type 2 is very treatable and can be prevented. According to experts type, 2 is hereditary so this can be treated and manage accordingly. The rest of the family members can have the same diet to prevent it from having the disease.

Type 2 of this disease is the most known type and the two main causes are obesity and lack of exercise. Obesity has been increasing and some don’t seem to care at all. Exercising is also neglected because of the busy life a person has today. Many people work on a computer and were not able to burn unwanted calories. Other works behind a desk and it makes it hard to get out and get the proper exercise that a person needs. The remedy for this disease is to make some changes in your lifestyle to lower the risk of having this disease.