Sex Education: Yay or Nay?

Sex Education

Sex education is a very important course for all individuals to go through. This is going to teach you, generally when you are starting to hit the age of puberty, all about sex. While it does cover, in general, how to have sex (which you might already know the basics of), it is also going to teach you what happens to your body during sex, why it acts the way it does and also different side effects of sex, what might happen and all sorts of different issues that can come up.

The more you know about sex, the better prepared you are going to be to have sex. If you are a parent, it might make you feel a bit uncomfortable to think about your child learning about sex. After all, you want to protect your child and sex is an extremely adult thing to do.

You might have even made a few mistakes regarding sex in your lifetime and you want to prevent your child from making these mistakes. However, an individual needs to make their own mistakes in order to learn from them, so while you can protect your child for as long as possible, it is very important for them to still learn about sex.

This way, they can at least protect themselves and take appropriate action before having sex. If a child does not know anything about sex before engaging in it, they are more likely to become pregnant or come down with a sexually transmitted disease.

Facts About Sex Education

Facts About Sex Education

Before about looking at sex education in schools pros and cons and abstinence only sex education, it is very important to know a few different key statistics about sex in schools and the educational system in order to move forward. First off, according to, in the United States alone, over three quarter of a million girls between the ages of 15 and 19 become pregnant every year with 80 percent of these coming as unplanned pregnancies. Beyond this, individuals between the ages of 15 and 25 come down with 19 million STDs annually and two young people between the ages of 13 and 29 contract HIV every single hour.

According to the same statistics, teens who receive comprehensive sex education inside of their school are 50 percent less likely to have an unexpected pregnancy than those who receive only abstinence based or only contraception based programs. A comprehensive sex education in school program is one that covers all angles and is going to go both into abstinence and contraception. It is generally found that teaching both is very important.

Virginity pledges are extremely popular now days and this kind of material is taught inside of many different sex education for teenagers and their programs, but individuals who promise to abstain from sexuality until marriage are just as likely to have an STD and they are more likely to not use protection while having sex, simply because they are not sure how to use it.

Emergency contraception is available for individuals who believe sperm might have entered the vagina and can be taken within the first day or two after sex (typically within 48 hours). This emergency contraception helps prevent over 51,000 abortions a year. Sex education in public schools is very important to parents as well.

According to the same statistics provided by, 80 percent of all parents support sexual education that includes information about all sexual orientation (gay and lesbian). 90 percent of all parents of both junior high and high school students believe it is important to teach sex education to students of this age and 100 percent of parents in the same age groups believe it is important to cover HIV and AIDS.

Should Sex Education Be Taught in School

This is a major question that many parents often ask. After all, just discussing sex in the open with a child can be rather difficult. You might also believe that talking about sex with a child hitting puberty is going to put thoughts into their heads and make them want to have sex. However, this really is not the case as children at this age are going to be curious, based on the changes they are going through during puberty and how it makes them feel.

As the statistics show, it is always best for a child to receive all angles of educational material in order to better protect themselves. While it might be against your religion or personal beliefs to have sex before marriage. This is something that your child needs to do on their own, and chances are, they are going to have much more difficult times avoiding sex before marriage as they grow older than as a junior high or high school student.

It is ultimately up to them to decide how long they weight before having sex, and it is not like you can be around them to prevent them from having sex at all times. Due to this, while you might not want your child having sex before marriage, you’d probably rather them not accidentally become pregnant at a young age. That is exactly why sex education for teens is such an important topic and why sex education statistics point to the importance of not just covering no-sex or safe-sex, both.

What is Sex Education

Sex education goes over all elements of sex. It goes over what happens to both a boys and girls body as they go through puberty. It covers urges and how this is going to affect the body, plus it also discusses actual sex, what takes place, the chemicals that are released in the brain, how someone becomes pregnant, STDs and basically every little thing that comes about with sex and can be caused because of sex. there are different forms of sex education.

You might even find adult sex education, if you never had all of this information (there are many different kinds of sex education for adults when they are seniors, as many seniors did not receive comprehensive sexual educational courses as a student). Now, during safe sex education and educational sex material, there is a chance that sex education videos are going to be shown. Now, it is important to understand that this is not simply pornography placed on the television for children to see.

There is not going to be any sort of sex displayed on the sex education movies. For the most part, it is going to be more information and even situations that are common for a teenager to go through. This way, your child can learn from the real world experiences that they are likely going to encounter.

The history of sex education finds that the more senses an individual uses in order to learn something, the better off they are going to be when learning them. Different instructors are going to use different methods for your child to learn about sex and to obtain all of the information they need.

If you are home schooling your child and looking for ways to teach sexual education, there are YouTube sex education videos available online, should you want to use these. Of course, it is better if you screen the videos ahead of time before showing it to your child. After all, you never really know what you are going to find online, especially when it comes to sex educational videos.

If you are trying to find the sex education pros and cons, there really are not too many cons associated with it. Although you might not want your child to hear about sex, studies do point out that individuals who learn about all forms of sexual education are less likely to become pregnant and also less likely to develop an STD. No matter how much you might want your child to wait to have sex until they are married, it really is impossible to do this, which is why it is necessary for you to take advantage of the sex education courses they provide at the local school system.

With the sex education, they are going to go over everything from what the sex definition is, all the way to possible STDs and even the negative side effects of sex (who knows, maybe all of the talk of the STDs and how dangerous some of these are can frighten your child into not having sex for the next decade). Regardless though, although this is a difficult time for you as a parent, as you see the last remnants of your young child turn into an adult, it is a very important time for them, and the more sex education facts they receive, the better off they are going to be.

When you think of educational sex video sex education for kids, it is not going to be pornography but very age specific. In order to truly protect your child, while you do need to make up the decision yourself, you also need to make sure they receive all necessary information.