Scarsdale Diet Secrets for Losing 20 lbs in a Fortnight!

Scarsdale Diet

Scarsdale diet is one of the most widely popular diets ever devised. Doctor H. Turnover, the brainchild behind this diet, asserts that religiously following it would facilitate twenty lbs. weight loss in a fortnight and permanent maintenance of those miraculous outcomes.

Scarsdale diet is a 2-week low-carb, low-fat & protein-rich diet containing five fourteen-day menu plans & a lifelong keep-slim pr ogram. One would be following the Scarsdale diet for a fortnight ensued by ‘Keep Trim Eating’ list for the subsequent fortnight where one plans one’s individuals menus for two weeks using a listing of different foods allowed & more calories, basically cycling for optimizing the outcomes to stop the body from adjusting to the diet regime & repeated till one’s target is achieved.

Scarsdale Medical Fourteen-Day Diet

Scarsdale Medical Fourteen-Day Diet

There aren’t any portions suggested, and one could be eating as much as one likes, though eating until one feels satiety though not stuffing oneself.

Inter-meals snacking on celery & carrot are allowed.

A half of grapefruit or using seasonal fruits
Protein bread slice (1), toasting, no spread necessary
Tea/ Coffee (no addition of cream, honey, sugar, milk)




Monday Various cold cuts could be substituted with fishes, chicken, seafood or turkeys or vegetable protein
Tomatoes – diced, broiling or stewing
Tea/ Coffee/ Water/ Diet Soda
Shellfish/ Fishes any type
Combo salad – any veggies/greens one wishes
Toasted Protein Bread Slice
Grapefruit/ seasonal fruits
Tea/ Coffee/ Water/ Diet Soda
Tuesday Any combo fruits salad
Alternate lunch suggested below
Tea/ Coffee/ Water/ Diet Soda
Ample lean post-broiling meat hamburger
Tomato, celery, olive (max 4), cucumber, lettuce &/or Brussels sprouts
Tea/ Coffee/ Water/ Diet Soda
Wednesday Tuna/ salmons salads (draining off oils) plus vinegarette & lemon dressing
Melons/ grapefruit or seasonal fruit
Tea/ Coffee/ Water/ Diet Soda
Diced lamb (post-roasting) **, no apparent fat
Tomato, cucumber, lettuce, celery salad
Tea/ Coffee/ Water/ Diet Soda
Thursday Egg (2), fat-free cooking
Less-fat cottage cheese
String bean/zucchini, tomato (slicing/stewing)
A toasted protein bread slice
Tea/ Coffee/ Water/ Diet Soda
Chicken (roasting/ bbq/ broiling) chicken (no apparent skin/ fat)
Plentiful green pepper, spinach, string bean
Tea/ Coffee/ Water/ Diet Soda
Friday Varied sliced cheese (ideally low-fat)
Unlimited spinach
A toasted protein bread slice
Tea/ Coffee/ Water/ Diet Soda
Fishes/ shellfish
Combo salad of any fresh veggies, raw or post-cooking
A toasted protein bread slice
Tea/ Coffee/ Water/ Diet Soda
Saturday Fruits combo salad
Alternate Lunch suggested below
Tea/ Coffee/ Water/ Diet Soda
Roasted chicken/ turkey
Tomato, lettuce based salad
Grapefruit/ seasonal fruit
Tea/ Coffee/ Water/ Diet Soda
Sunday Hot/ cold chicken/turkey
Carrot/ tomato/ post-cooking cauliflower or broccoli or cabbage
Grapefruit/ seasonal fruit
Tea/ Coffee/ Water/ Diet Soda
Ample steak (post-broiling or grilling) no apparent fat, any cut of steak one desires – porterhouse, London broil, sirloin among others.
Cucumber, tomato (diced or post-cooking), lettuce, celery, brussel sprouts.
Tea/ Coffee/ Water/ Diet Soda

Ideal Fruit Options

  • Raspberry
  • Blueberry
  • Strawberry
  • Apples
  • Tangerine
  • Peaches
  • Oranges
  • Plums
  • Pears

Sweeter Fruit Options (more in carbohydrates & sugar)

  • Raisin
  • Grape
  • Watermelon
  • Mangoes
  • Papayas
  • Cherry
  • Pineapples


  1. Veggies not allowed include pea, lentil, potato, corn, any form of a bean, apart from waxed/green types.
  2. When the portion isn’t given, one could consume to one’s liking though not stuffing oneself.
  3. Carrot or celery is allowed for in-between meal times snacking.
  4. Cook with seasoning, spice, herb varieties, grate onions, minced parsley is suggested.
  5. Sodium, cooking spray, bottles of ketchup, mustard, chili, or cocktail sauce is suggested though moderately.

Alternate Lunch

Alternate Lunch

If one wishes, one could be substituting the below-mentioned lunch for any lunches on whichever day while on the Scarsdale diet.

  • A ½ cup less fat cottage/ pot cheese coalesced with a tbsp of less fat sour cream.
  • Diced fruit as much as one wants.
  • Six halves of pecan/ walnut, chop/ whole & coalesced with above or sprinkling on the fruits.
  • Tea/ Coffee/ sugar-free diet soda.
  • Who could puree optionally sour cream & pot cheese for making a whipped topping & serving on berry mix & topping with whole/ chop nut for a sundae?

Week 2 of Scarsdale Diet

I repeat the menus of the 1st week and after 14 days when one hasn’t reached targeted weight loss, then switch to the ‘Keep Trim Eating’ Plan for a fortnight before reverting to the Scarsdale diet.

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2-On, 2-Off Strategy

In the case after a fortnight on the Keep Trim Program, one hasn’t yet met with one’s targeted weight, then revert to 2 further weeks of Scarsdale diet. In this exceptional 2-on, 2-off program, one would experience safe & sensible weight loss.

  • Begin with a fortnight on the Scarsdale diet.
  • Switching to a fortnight of the Keep Trim Eating.
  • If further weight loss is needed, then reverting to the Scarsdale diet or on the individual’s option of the other four substitute diets mentioned.
  • After a fortnight on 1 of the 5 Scarsdale diets, changing to a fortnight on the Keep Trim Eating again.
  • Continuing this 2-on, 2-off program till one has reached one’s desired weight.

It is crucial to teach wholesome life-long consumption habits & switching to the ‘holding pattern’ for the subsequent fortnight – the keep trim program.

Keep Trim Eating Program

Permitted Foods

  • Lean cuts of meat – cold/ hot – pork, beef, veal, ham, lamb – trimming off apparent fat pre-eating.
  • Turkey/ chicken – cold/ hot – cooking in various styles & recipes – no clear skin or fats when consuming.
  • Any form of freshly picked or freeze fish through skip ones tinned with a heavy sauce. Cooking to one’s preference, though, avoid adding margarine, lard, butter, shortening, or another type of fats.
  • Any form of shellfish – scallop, oyster, shrimp, crabs, clam.
  • Egg in any form – though not crossing 3 per week – no use of oil, margarine, fat, or butter during preparation; omelette, scramble, boil, hard cook, poach, fry (some instant broth of chicken or a cooking pan with some cooking spray).
  • Cheeseless fat pot/ cottage/ cheddar, camembert/ American cheese – of all cheeses.
  • Soup, bouillon, consommé – including veggies, fishes, chicken, meat – sans added milk, fat or cream.
  • Fruits, as just mentioned.
  • Who could consume juices of veggies & fruits though solely natural form sans any sugar- addition & sugar-less juiced tomatoes & mix-veggie juices are permitted.
  • Moderation in intake of nut varieties like pecan, cashew, walnut, among others.
  • Bread allowed through limiting oneself to duo slices a day, ideally protein variety.
  • Sugar-less jam, jelly, preserves might be consumed in moderate amounts.
  • Green salads of diverse combos and less-calorie dressing (not crossing fifteen calories/ tbsp.) or alongside vinaigrette, oil-free, or lemon mix.
  • Beverage – hot or chilled as much as one wants – tea or coffee or sugar-less diet soda, Who could use sugar alternatives. Skimmed or less fat milk might be used in tea/ coffee in case desirable.
  • Condiments like cocktail sauces, horseradish, pickle, olive of any form, ketchup to be used moderately.
  • Herb, spice, or seasoning of one’s preferred taste.
  • One Alcohol beverage every day – dry & non-sweet, in case desired – 1.5 oz. Hard liquor or 4.5 oz. Dry wine. Optionally even rye, gin, vodka, cognac, scotch, dry rum & several dry brandy forms, bourbon, dry sherry or white/ red/ rose wine, Canadian whisky, or dry champagne permitted. Any sweet-tasting liqueur or cordial is not allowed or any sugared cocktails. No sweet-tasting wine like sweet sauterne or port wine and solely low cal beers are allowed.

Crucial Foods Proscribed

Not Using:

  • Sugar though Who could use substitute of sugar.
  • Cream.
  • Whole milk, though skimmed or less at milk, could be used moderately.
  • Ice-creams, freeze custards, sherbets, iced milk, or any frozen product having milk fat/ sugar.
  • Cake, sugared jelly, jam, pie, preserve.
  • Candies/ chocolates.
  • Potato, sweet potato, yam, rice, baking/ lima/ kidney bean, avocadoes.
  • Spaghetti, noodle, macaroni items, or flour-based food.
  • Sausages, salamis, bolognas, or high-fat meat items.
  • Sweetened dessert though sugar-free gelatine dessert in any flavour is allowed.
  • Creamy dressing, mayo, or other analogous salad dressing.
  • Avoid using lard, oil, bacon fats, margarine, shortenings, or any form of fat when one cooks or as spread/ dressing.
  • Peanut butter.
  • Over two bread slices daily & ideally must be post-toasting protein bread.

Watch out for these.

  • I am not eating over duo protein bread slices daily.
  • No consumption of sugar, though. Who can deploy substitutes?
  • No dairy fat.
  • No candies or dessert apart from fruits or zero-sugar gelatin desserts.
  • They are restricting alcoholic consumption to 1.5 oz. Per day of hard liquors or 4.5 oz. Dry wine or eight oz. Less-cal beer & no standard form of ale or beer.