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Relationship Advice Women

Finding a man is easy; finding the right man can seem impossible! There is no shortage of relationship advice for women. Still, too much of the relationship advice offered by so-called experts isn’t based on a sense of equality or respect, which can doom your relationship before it ever has a chance.

Finding a successful love match does not have to be difficult. But you do need to follow some of these relationship tips to ensure a good match:

Get to Know Yourself

It is time to get real. There are wonderful things about you and some annoying things about you. Your mate is going to notice both. The best relationship advice ever offered was to get to know you. Show off your strengths and acknowledge your weaknesses. Building a successful pairing isn’t just about finding the perfect mate; it is also about knowing who you are; being comfortable in your skin, and improving the stuff you (and your mate) don’t like.

No one else will be able to love you if you do not love yourself. Once you know who you are as an independent person, you will be able to build a strong and lasting life with someone else.

Know What You Want 

Knowing what you can live with — and what you cannot handle is essential to building a love affair that can last a lifetime. A potential mate does not have to be a carbon copy of yourself (that would be boring), but they should share your ideas, beliefs and goals. Otherwise, you may compromise on the most important things in life, which can make you miserable. For instance, if you long to have children and your mate hates kids, all the relationship advice in the world will not solve your problem and make either of you happy.

Long-distance relationships are becoming more and more common these days, causing some real strain among couples. While compromise is essential, an important piece of long-distance relationship advice is not to overlook habits, mannerisms and beliefs to keep the peace. Dig into your mate’s thought processes to see his kind of man. This is even more important when dating online since it can be harder to get to know “the real” person.

Keep an Open Mind

It is important to avoid settling for less than you deserve, but it is just as important to keep an open mind when building a new relationship. Just because your mate does not seem to fit a certain type, or has some habits you don’t appreciate, does not mean that he is not your soul mate. He may be exactly the kind of guy you need.

Love is not – and should not be – measured by a checklist of must-haves you come up with. Building a relationship requires finding a person who can bring out the best in you while also challenging how you think and act. The same is true for how you complete and challenge him as a person and partner. Saying yes to someone you never thought you would pay much attention to can bring a lot of surprises into your life.

Become His Ideal Partner

If there is one piece of timeless relationship advice for women, it is this: become his ideal partner. Now, that certainly does not mean that you have to be flawless or that you have to live up to his idea of a perfect mate. It does mean that you should strive to give your best to your relationship and build a partnership where he can count on you too. Men need someone they can trust.

An ideal partner can listen, offer advice when needed, know when to keep quiet and be an ear who can listen. Being an ideal mate isn’t about meeting his every expectation, but rather, being the kind of partner who brings out the best in him and is always there, no matter how hard things get. Having someone you know will be there after a rough day (or year) and willing to share the ups, and the downs is essential to any long-lasting relationship or marriage. Do your best to be that kind of person for your mate.

Open Your Heart

You would think that this would be obvious, but too many women (and men too) lack the ability to open their hearts to their partner truly. No one wants to feel as if they are alone in a relationship, and if you don’t make an effort to love and respect your partner, your pairing will not last long.

Talk – A Lot!

Women need lots of communication – men, not so much. Unfortunately, a good relationship depends on each partner sharing their thoughts, feelings and dreams. Without good communication, feelings become hurt, misunderstandings become commonplace, and marriages fall apart.

Be One Another’s Best Friends

New relationships are often built on friendship. You enjoy each other’s company, and friendship turns into more. The trouble is that too many couples lose the friendship part of their relationship as time goes by. Life begins to erode their friendship. Take time to enjoy each other’s company as friends from time to time. Forget the love affair and hang out. You might be surprised at how much it helps you stay fresh; as individuals and as a couple.

Have Each Other’s Back

All too often, there are more than two people in a relationship. Friends bug in, offering their opinion on what one or the other partner should do. Family, too, has a way of worming their way into relationships, causing havoc. The best way to keep others from ruining your relationship is to commit to each other and always have the other’s back.

Don’t gripe to family and friends about the faults of the other and never ask for their relationship advice. You will get much more than you asked for! Instead, keep your problems to yourselves, and if you need outside help, find a neutral party to discuss conflicts with. If a friend or family member complains about your significant other, don’t get pulled into a discussion. Tell the person they are wrong (even if they are right) and walk away. Who should avoid negative remarks at all costs?

Spend Time Together

Once the newness wears off, relationships often become stale. This can send each partner off to their parts of the house. It can even send them out alone, looking for excitement. While it is perfectly fine (and normal) to spend time with individual friends or on your own once in a while, no relationship can thrive without spending time together. Plan date nights or special activities to do together regularly. No matter how busy life has become, be sure to schedule time together – alone.

This can be especially difficult for couples involved in a long-distance relationship. Regardless of how far apart you live, make plans to talk on the phone or Skype; meet each other’s family and friends via conference calls, etc. Plans trip to visit one another and generally become involved in each other’s lives.

Remember to Have Fun

If you have been in a relationship for any time, there will be problems. Life tends to get in the way, causing chaos in even the most perfect unions. One way to combat the stresses of everyday life is to have fun together. Find an activity you enjoy, take an evening to relax, watch a good movie, or play a card game. Do something spontaneous and fun just for the heck of it.

Relationship advice comes in all forms. Your friends tell you one thing; your mother another. Then you check out social media for the answers and get bombarded with conflicting relationship tips. So, what’s the answer? There is no one answer. Finding someone to love and building a long-lasting relationship takes commitment, respect, understanding, patience, and love. Every couple must find their recipe for success. If they work together to build the kind of love affair they are after, nothing will stop them from enduring for a lifetime.