Recipe to Fight Insomnia

Recipe to Fight Insomnia
Recipe to Fight Insomnia

The absence of rest has an opposite effect on the daily execution capacity and makes numerous individual experiences of ill effects of sleeping deprivation and insomnia.

In order to feel rested and fresh, we need to rest tight and good. However, in the most cases we are not having enough time to deal with that. Additionally, we are presenting you this amazing green juice, which will help you to sleep better and to fight insomnia. See the recipe underneath.


-1 green apple
-1 cucumber
-1 asparagus
-1 lemon
-2 stalks celery
-1 piece ginger root


Put the asparagus in some water for five minutes.
Slash the apple, lemon and cucumber into pieces.
Place all these ingredients into blender and blend them well.

It’s recommendable to take this drink after lunch.


It contains 93% water which makes it impeccable, considering the general wellbeing ation. Also, asparagus is very rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, incredible source of fiber and an extremely rich in folic acids.


The minerals and essential oils in the celery juice are having a great impact on sensory system that further is serving to fight the sleeping disorder. It is extremely rich in magnesium that is helping the body to unwind.


It is perfectly for detoxification and very solid diuretic, which is having a great calming impact on the body in order to rest better.


It’s the most famous and influential vegetable in taking out impacts of stress and fatigue skin. The cucumber is calming the body and is offering you good night of sleep.