Best Quit Smoking Tips Ever

quit smoking
quit smoking

1. Go according to plan: 

Making plans to quit smoking is the most effective way and try to go according to the plan. For example, set a date for quitting smoking and promise yourself that on the scheduled date you will not even touch the cigarettes. If craving increases, tell yourself that I do not have cigarettes today. However, initially, you will find it difficult but after 1-2 weeks you will feel comfortable. In the beginning, avoid smoking for 1 day in the week and then gradually try to avoid smoking the whole week.

2. Share the problem with loved ones:

If you want to get rid of smoking, tell your loved ones or friends that you want to be free from this addiction. Surely they will help you get rid of it and only they can encourage you in difficult situations. Apart from this, the support group and the counselor can also help you. Behavioral therapy is a form of counseling that provides appropriate strategies for quitting smoking.

3. Give yourself a break: 

It is generally seen that people smoke to relax. When you want to quit this addiction, you have to find other ways to get comfort which includes many options such as regular exercise, listening to music or singing, massaging, and connecting with sober friends. Participate in social activities and other recreational activities.

4. Consider your diet: 

Smoking is often preferred after eating or while drinking something. There are some foods that make smoking more satisfying. On the contrary, fruits, green vegetables, and dairy products spoil the taste of smoking. Not only this, these foods are beneficial for health even during recovery because they also help in restoring the problems caused by smoking. Try to keep yourself busy immediately after eating food to quit smoking or go to a room where smoking is not allowed.

Therefore, this method is considered to be the most effective way to quit smoking. When it comes to drinking, tea, coffee, cold drinks, and alcohol are such drinks that make smoking more satisfactory. Therefore, in the comparison of these drinks try to drink more water and juice. Choose the best recovery diet

5. Identify when you crave cigarettes: 

At the time when the craving for smoking increases rapidly, most smokers are unable to overcome smoking addiction. Therefore, it is considered to be the biggest obstacle to getting an addiction-free life. However, the craving lasts only 5-7 minutes. Therefore, it is most important to take care of these 5-7 minutes. For this, you should already create strategies as you are at the party, you can leave the party for some time or can dance, can sing a song. Apart from these, at that time you may also think about problems arising from smoking.

6. Avoid smoking friends: 

To stop smoking, you should also make the distance from friends who smoke. And you need to make new friends who are sober and with whom you can spend more time. In addition, also choose sober places where smoking is not allowed. This suggestion can also be quite beneficial for you.

7. Try to try again: 

Quitting an addiction is considered really a daunting task. But by your repeated efforts, you can certainly achieve success. You should think about the reasons for the relapse. If you succeed in eradicating those causes, then you can overcome the problem of relapse forever.