Is it required to qualify English proficiency test to apply in the Caribbean?

English proficiency test

Occupational English tests primarily curated for medical professionals are necessary for every student to qualify to fulfil the English language needs that are expected by the healthcare sector.

Such English proficiency tests are designed to assess the language proficiency of medical candidates and upcoming physicians, who are inclined towards practising their knowledge in an English speaking environment.

These examinations include all four levels of language skills namely writing, speaking, reading and listening sections that are targeted towards different areas of healthcare in general.

In this blog post, we will take a deep dive into the reasons why qualifying for English proficiency tests is a mandate of Caribbean medical school prerequisites.

If you are someone whose native language is not English then it becomes compulsory for you to submit scores of an English language proficiency test as proof for pursuing high education in medicine in the Caribbean.

You can submit scores of tests like the following:


The TOFEL exam or test of English as a foreign language examination is one of the most common tests taken by medical aspirants, to gather proof of their language proficiency.

Depending on the type of Caribbean medical university or course you are looking to opt for your joyful scores cut off may vary from 65 to 85 on the Internet-based test.

However, for clinical partitioning and becoming a resident in the United States of America, you must be able to present higher scores.

Additionally, you may also choose to take up English language certificate courses still back up your TOEFL marks if you have scored poorly or even in situations where you are still awaiting the test results.

We would always suggest checking with the Caribbean university about which English proficiency test is generally accepted for the particular course you are applying for before you start preparing for any of the English language tests.


This is a universally accepted English language proficiency qualification, with around 3400 medical universities in the USA alone accepting IELTS scores as a benchmark for assessing the English language proficiency for a particular candidate.

The minimum IELTSscore requirement in the Caribbean medical school is 6.5, and can vary depending upon the type of medical course and university you are aiming to get selected for.

The acceptance of aisle scores is increasingly becoming popular among universities worldwide making more and more students prepare themselves for the test as they go about stepping forward into a new academic journey altogether.

When planning to apply for a medical degree in the Caribbean these tests are just a few things from the list of prerequisites that you should consider as part of your visa application process and your admission in general.

This understands are a great way for measuring the aptitude of different students coming from varied educational background or across the world by the medical admissions facility.

Reach out to us today to figure out the English language proficiency exam that you should be preparing for to apply to any fire programs.

This article was written by Deblina Dam.