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Apart from those wrinkles that sign up problems in old age, the other age factor always affects a human being. It has a vast area of influence in a large number of women. Problems in old age start from the looks and weight and end, maybe in heart diseases or diabetes or bone weakness and others. In women, the age sixty or sixty-five is a warning sign.

This age brings many clinical health conditions and gives the signs of death. A recent study says that several women globally die because of cancer, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases or COPD, diabetes, kidney infections, influenza, pneumonia, accidental injuries, and Alzheimer’s disease. There are also a large number of suicide cases among women. problems in old age include cancer, which has been found as the second-most famous cause of death in old age women, especially those in the age of sixty-five.

This age is also well known for breast cancers, ovarian cancer, colorectal cancer, and cervical cancer, which many times cause deaths. The cases of cervical cancer arise among twenty to twenty-five percent of women in the age of sixty-five in the countries like the US. A resource has mentioned that this age is famous for lung cancer in American women, mainly due to cigarette smoking.

Urinary incontinence has effects on approximately thirty-five percent of woman patients who are of this age. The occurrence of diabetes and vision problems like cataracts is also famous in this age; this is medically known as age-related macular degeneration or AMD. The other condition is Glaucoma also has vast effects on old-age women.

Nevertheless, the data is enormous, including more heart diseases, stroke, and many mental disorders. It is a time to search for the reasons behind those attacks of resilient health conditions on women more than sixty, which we say is old age. problems in old age also include Arthritis and Osteoporosis.

Some of the causes are as follows Problems In Old Age Women:-

Less Care since the Young age:

Less Care since the Young age

Most of the women who are at a young age take significantly less Care for their health. A middle-aged or a young age is for taking immense Calcium, vitamins, and all other minerals. The number is many where the girl child, a young girl, or even the young housewives do not take Care of their health and diet.

Women are bound to so many rituals, myths, duties inside the home, kitchen, managing daily family care, and the complaints that the unhappy service-receivers do. This gives very little time to them to have profound respect for their health.



It isn’t perfect, but it a truth that many women are used to smoking since a young age or forty. Many, including several mental stress, fear of age-related change of appearance, and social values. Many of the women start doing cigarette smoking to maintain a position in society.

Women in the rural area are very much familiar with tobacco. This habit occurs due to so many reasons. It includes the increased and un-fulfilled hunger, too much physical workload, and mental stress.

Losing Family Values:

Losing Family Values

The women who cross the age of sixty generally losses their values inside and outside the family, workplace, and even society. This makes a significant impact on her thought process and mentality. This includes a feeling of insecurity and ignorance, whether socially or economically. Fewer family values lead to various untreated diseases, accidental injuries, and mental trauma among women.

Heavy Intake of Birth Control Pills:

Heavy Intake of Birth Control Pills

The usages of birth control pills have direct effects on the body. It impacts the bloodstream, nervous system, and the women, whose resistance power is less, can affect the heart and kidney.



Obesity is also a significant cause of so many health conditions. The women who suffer from obesity go for lots of weight-reducing courses, and many times they do less dietary intakes. Condition of obesity can also lead to ill heart conditions and other severe diseases.

Menopause and Less Calcium:

Menopause and Less Calcium

Generally, a woman’s body carries a minuscule amount of Calcium due to so many reasons. Also, the condition of menopause becomes the reason for a significant loss of Calcium. This leads to the sickness of arthritis and osteoporosis, and other diseases of bones.

Unbalanced Diet and Exercises:

Unbalanced Diet and Exercises

Several women generally have a diet, which is not enough for their body, and they do not go for a regular and good exercise routine. This in the future leads to several unsafe health conditions.

Women of Rural and Urban area:

Women of Rural and Urban area

Women, especially in old age, are triggered by several poor health and mental conditions in the rural and urban areas. Women here are mainly working in dangerous situations to fulfill their family needs. Even then, they rely on men so strongly that they cannot even make small decisions.

The women who live in this kind of condition generally ignore to take Care of their overall health. The state of poverty is another reason for mortality in women.

Reasons for Breast and Ovarian Cancer:

Reasons for Breast and Ovarian Cancer

Several Research and studies have found that breast cancer is a worthy cause of mortality, approximately fifty percent of women in Sixty-five or more. In many cases, it has become a reason for death and other disabilities. Breast cancer can occur in these women due to a habit of tobacco intake, an early occurrence of menopause, in addition to those intakes of food which are one or two days old, unclean, less food consumption, and many other genetic reasons.

These habits also affect the women’s reproductive system and lead to ovarian cancer. The American Geriatric Society has gone through many Research works on this issue.

A resource has mentioned, this year, the National Institute of Health or NIH, organized a conference to observe and understand various scientific reasons and proceed with some scientific methods to cure many health conditions related to women, the dissimilarities between women and men and those who are suffering from an Age Dilemma of Sixty-five.

They also have initiated a vision for the year 2020 in this Research, including new methods of diagnosis and new stratagems.

Accidental Injuries:

Several accidental injuries in older women happen inside the home. The cases include severe burning, broken or injured bones, cuts, wounds due to negligence, etc. Sometimes, it can also be domestic brutality.

Anemia and Unsafe Drinking Water:

Even in the year 2010, Government and Non-governmental organizations have found that many older women are frail and consume very un-sanitized water. Maybe, the growing poverty in this 21st Century is an excellent reason for this.

After we kept an eye on those various issues that harass a woman’s body and mind after a certain age, let us look at the strategies that can give a solution and prevent the health harassments, which is similar to death. Women in a period of more than sixty should always get profound care and treatment rather than negligence from anyone.

The age factor in older women has been a matter of several types of research for the last two decades. The rates of death and mobility gets the effects of those strategies that a woman adopts in her whole life, says a resource. The women who maintain healthy exercise and positive physical activities get a good result; however, the number of women is more minor.

The students, children, and even the socio-political groups should make a significant effort to encourage and support the women for this. They should also organize camps and conferences to spread the knowledge of the health benefits of exercise. The obstacles that usually a girl child suffers within and around a family, whether the barrier is of family members or other members of the society, should be sliced for good health and future of a girl child.

Many of the social obstacles lead to women’s dependency on men in old age, creating numerous defects in the health and mental condition. Older women also lack proper management skills in social life due to reliance on men. This dependency leads them to stay back at home and very less out-going habits.

The earlier mentioned poor mobility rate, which includes consuming less amount of necessary minerals and having a smoking or tobacco intake pattern, results in unhealthy weight when the body grows.

These problems in old age women lead to several disabilities and even deaths.

  • Heart diseases and strokes are other problems in old age. This can also be a significant cause of several death cases. A report says, approximately sixty to seventy percent of women die due to several heart diseases every year. There are also some of the commutable sicknesses that harass older women. It can even a normal fever or infection of cough and cold. The common cold is a prevalent infection among a lot of old-age women. The urinary tract infection is another fact among them. The older woman gets the disease because they have a fragile immune system.
  • The condition of various cancers like breast cancer or rectal or cervical cancer in old age should also get adequate care. However, the medical experts have done many necessary research types; there is a need to have a proper physical examination for the affected women and more trained doctors and more medical facilities in the rural areas. The women should also be given adequate self-assessment training in breast cancer cases or any other health issue. The clinical trials of mammography are still going, and it is also far from several developing countries and those areas that need it the most. The age factor in the woman and the occurrence of breast cancer also have difficulty. Many of the women do not go for any treatment because of their growing age. Such women should be encouraged for the treatment.
  • It is also time for the social, cultural, and political parties to take initiatives to let them understand their values in society. They should be taught the conditions and results of health negligence. They should also organize camps to spread awareness, and the Government should give support to those young girls and women with proper hygiene and medications to manage a healthy old age. They also try to bridge the gap between men and women and spread the thought of equality.
  • Poor women, especially in old age, make them very insecure and hopeless from any and everything. This condition is not only a social and economic problem; it is also like a virus that can eat a whole society. Many poor and older women have chronic anemia and many hidden infectious diseases. They need immediate support of nutritional food and sanitation.
  • Who should also educate older women; at least they should know all the good and bad health habits. Illiteracy for any country brings much negativity for the future generation and should be fought actively. The poor and older women should get enough doses of education to gain value in society and may not face any ill-treatment from the family.
  • A large number of women around the world who have crossed the age of sixty are widows. The women who are widows always are triggered by several health and social calamities. These women generally suffer from several untreated health conditions due to a lack of money and family supports. Widows in old age typically suffer domestic violence, many types of abuse, and a severe financial crisis. They even do not get any support from their kids. These women generally suffer from heart diseases, stress, and fatigue. People should take initiatives to get more help for women who are the widow and are old. Currently, Governments have opened their eyes to give support to those widows who do not have family support and cannot work due to age and other health disabilities.
  • A significant lack of water sanitation and water pollution, and hazards created by the environment and those in-house pollutions, the pesticides used in agriculture all have several negative impacts. The women, who are in the harvesting business, may get any infection. Many of the older women in developing countries suffer from some diseases due to these means of conditions. There are also a lot of traditional practices in the harvesting process.

Countries are also working to access healthcare and other supports to more than sixty or sixty-five and cannot manage an everyday social life. It has been kept as a National Issue of Security.

Some data can show the number of those older women who worked all over their lives to fulfill their family needs; in between, they may not have proper care for their health. In its Ageing and Health Program or AHE, the World Health Organization has observed that the dissimilarities, whether biological, social, or economic, between the two genders, woman and man, is an excellent reason woman suffering from many difficulties in old age.

This includes all financial authority and position in the society. Recently, a conference organized by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences or NIEHS and the National Institute of Health discussed various women’s health issues and the effects of an environmental revelation.

The National Institute of Health is also working on many remedial research and clinical trials to find solutions for ill-health conditions in older women. They also have taken support of the Food and Drugs Association or FDA, Central for Disease Control, Health Resources and Services Administration or HRSA, and Office of Research on Women Health ORWH. Finally, the number of suicide cases in several older women, the discussion may cover one more story, is increasing worldwide. Everyone now knows the causes; it is just to be prevented with proper care.

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