Pilates is The Popular Technique for Your Overall Physical Development


Around a century ago, Joseph Pilates formulated some core exercises. These were not simple exercises performed at random but based on certain principles. It is an application of these principles that makes Pilate’s method of exercise unique in the world.

Joseph Pilates considered these exercises to be a body/ mind/ spirit approach to the principles of concentration centering, control, breath, flow, and precision.

These basic principles apply to different exercises, whether performed on a mat or Pilate’s equipment like the Cadillac or Core Body Reformer.

The Joseph Pilates Basic Principles are

  • Centering

The focus is on the center of the body. The area storing power is between the lower ribs and the pubic bone. This is the area where Core Body Reformer performs core Pilates exercises.

  • Concentration

The concept is that when one pays complete attention to the exercise and is fully committed to it, each movement produces the maximum value possible.

  • Control

Complete muscular control is exercised during each Pilates exercise. Nobody part is left to perform any involuntary action.

  • Breath

Using the breath properly and scientifically is an essential part of Pilates exercise. The Pilates concept of working of the lungs was that of a bellow. The lungs are to be used to pump the air fully in and out of the system. Most Pilates are so designed that they coordinate with the breath.

  • Flow

In Pilates exercise, fluidity, grace, and ease are the keywords. The exercises are done in a flowing manner and not by fits and starts. The energy of an exercise connects all body parts. There is a Core Body Reformer which is a part of Pilate’s equipment. This equipment serves to watch your concentration and flow and warn you if you lose your flow and control.

  • Precision

There is an awareness sustained through each Pilate’s movement. There is a trajectory placement as also alignment for each part of the body. You are not allowed to move your body part in any manner you like but in a well-defined way.

These principles applied to core Pilates produce the grace, balance, and ease that make the Pilates exercise unique.

The Pilates exercises aim at uniformly developing the body parts. The core Pilates focuses on core strength but not at the expense of denying other body parts. Pilate’s exercises promote strength and overall muscle development, flexibility, and an appropriate range of motions of the joints.

Pilates and yoga are two different concepts and practices. Yoga, unlike Pilates, aims at developing the complete self through physical postures, breath, concentrations, development of mind and spirit. On the other hand, pilates exercise keeps your body fit, improves posture, and strengthens your core by Core Body Reformer.

Pilates Have Many Good Effects on The Human Body

  • Pilates is a fitness exercise for the whole body.
  • Pilates can be followed by persons of different ages and requiring varying degrees of fitness.
  • Pilates creates strength but not bulk.
  • Core Pilates develops core strength.
  • Core Body Reformer

The core muscles of the body are the muscles of the back, abdomen, and pelvic floor. The core training helps develop the ab muscles, promotes weight loss, and gives a lean appearance. The core body reformer is designed to achieve this.

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