How Online Learning Can Affect Student Health?

How Online Learning Can Affect Student Health

Technology has become an integral part of everyone’s life. It allows humans to connect worldwide. And In recent times, Coronavirus Pandemic spread all across the country. For this, the government has closed all the schools, colleges, and coaching, and the classes have moved to virtual platforms to control the spread of this Coronavirus.

Online Learning

Students are doing online classes for the last eight months. This has created a significant impact on the students. Students are adjusting to the new learning process and environment. Teachers are also facing a lot of difficulties during online classes.

It is one of the significant impacts of online classes on student’s health. Students are not sleeping on time; neither are they taking rest due to these online classes. This has increased the number of times students are spending on social media every day. There is a negative and positive impact of online courses on Students. However, even this is creating a harmful effect on the student’s behavior. It is very detrimental to the student’s future.

Students who are living in the village do not have a proper connection to the internet. Therefore, this pandemic has created a significantly harmful impact on the remote areas students.

These are the Pros and Cons of online classes. Check out below


  • The most significant benefit of online classes is the increase in flexibility.
  • You can study according to your choice. If you want to learn now, you can, and you cannot check according to your time.
  • There is also one advantage that you can study where you want to.

For example, in a study room, in a living room, while on holiday! There is no bound of anything.

Despite school and college fees, there are more things for which you need to pay. And by doing online classes, you can reduce the cost of Transportation, Food, Parking, etc. The other bonus is that older students who are currently working can easily slot their studies in and around their other commitments. This can come in extremely useful for those that want to advance their careers, whether that is in healthcare, digital marketing, education, or their own niche. Students that want to take an online EdD degree, for example, will find that the digital learning experience will not just provide them with the qualifications they need but also give them additional skills and talents, like becoming an influential voice. If students can start to get used to the online learning environment at a younger age, they may be keen to do the same and boost their knowledge and careers.


  • While doing online classes, there is no practical exposure given to the students.
  • There are only a few courses are available for online courses.
  • It is difficult for students to learn and understand useful things in online classes.

Due to the outbreak of pandemics, online learning has only become an option for students. But this is causing a significant impact on the student’s health as well as their routine. Health matters a lot. If the students are not in good health, then they can’t concentrate while studying.

Due to these ongoing online classes, students are suffering from headaches and many health issues. And if the online courses will last longer, then the health problems will also become a part of a student’s life. Due to this, eye problems for the students and the swelling in the eyes are also causing a significant impact on their health.

Many school students have recorded their statements about their health issues during online classes. Some of their areas-

Rose Senior Secondary school student Samridhi Chaurasiya said that continuously sitting for 6-7 hours in front of the screen is causing Pain and Swelling in the eyes. In addition, students face eye dryness and irritation back pain while sitting for long hours, like health issues the students face.

Whereas Anjaneya Raj from the study Hall said that this is not good for the young age generations and the small students. This is creating a disturbance, and the students are also getting irritated.

So, these online classes are causing an impact on their mental, physical , social and emotional health. The hope is that schools can take guidance from online-only colleges on how to do things the best way for younger students and get them excited about online learning. If they are able to keep students happy, so could schools for younger students.