Oblique V-Ups Exercise


Oblique v ups: Place your right arm flat on the mat with the palm also in contact. Place your left hand behind your head with an elbow bent. Fasten your legs together especially your feet, together with your knees locked in.

Pull up your legs fastened together, at an equivalent time pull up your shoulders; attempt to touch your left elbow to your left knee. then back to the initial position.

Going to the gym has become a huge fad these days that people pretend to work out only to find out that they have been targeting the wrong muscles repeatedly.

Most people know about crunches and sit ups being effective ways to get abs. But did you know that the obliques are also a part of the abs complex that is often taken for granted?

Benefits of Oblique V Ups

Jackknife Sit-ups, Pike Crunches, Oblique V Ups, no matter what it is called these exercises focus on strengthening your entire core area. For those people wanting to gain six-pack abs, you would definitely want to try the oblique V ups considering that this exercise focuses on the flat muscles responsible for giving you that highly coveted six-pack ab look! Additionally, it also helps you to get a flat stomach considering that it works on the transversus abdominis, a muscle that pulls the stomach inwards.

Unlike the other abs exercises, it also strengthens your back muscles and trims your obliques to shape. More importantly, it also targets the hamstrings and the quadriceps. However, caution should be observed because this exercise is physically challenging.

And because it targets the back muscles, you may hurt your back if you don’t do it properly. When doing oblique V ups, speed isn’t important but stability.

Doing the Oblique V Ups

  • Lie flat on your back. Your shoulder blades and lower back should be pushing against the floor. Don’t forget to keep your abs tight and your legs straight. Rise your arms over your head and keep them extended.
  • Next, simultaneously lift your arms and legs, with the latter kept straight lifting as high as possible. Try to reach for your toes using your fingers.
  • Lower your back against the floor to complete one full repetition. You should do around 10 to 15 reps.

Variations of V-Ups Exercises

There isn’t only one variation of V ups exercises these days. You can choose from any of the three, depending on the look you want to achieve.

1st Variation

legs up

Remember how you are supposed to lift your legs simultaneously with your arms in the original version of the V ups mentioned above? Well, in this variation you have to lower your legs up to a 45-degree angle after lifting. Don’t let it touch the floor! 10 to 12 reps should be completed.

2nd Variation

V up variation

In this V up variation, your legs should be perpendicular to the floor. When lowering your back, try to keep your legs in the same position. Keep on doing this repetition for 30 seconds to a minute.

3rd Variation

holding a dumbbell in both of your hands

This variation is an intense one because it requires you to use a pair of dumbbells. But don’t push yourself too far especially on your first try. Only use lightweight ones to start. Everything else is similar to the original version of the V ups. The only difference is that you are holding a dumbbell in both of your hands. You may even take this to a whole new level and put on ankle or wrist weights.

Aside from Oblique V Ups, there are plenty of abs exercises that you can perform to get a six-pack ab.

However, it is good to target all parts of your core to get that flat stomach and a well-toned body.

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