Mood Swings in Women: Cause and Criteria

Mood Swings in Women

Mood swings in women are a common issue for children, and it has been said and believed that it is quite normal. If a child has a nature of being serious, it can observe as an abnormal activity. In the same way, if mood swings occur in an adult, they can also be taken as a serious health issue.

Mood swing has been recognized as a mental condition where a person goes through several changes in the emotions and expressions of mind. The changes in the moods will include irritation, anger, frustration, and happiness at different times and within a gap of a very short period.

This condition can also be recognized as a mental disorder or mental trauma, which generally affects men and women. However, the condition of a mood swing can be more complicated if it is related to women. Mood Swings in women, especially in a metropolitan city, are more than men and can even affect a whole family and society.

Is It Just a Bad Mood, or Actual Depression?


Recourse says that the hormones of the human body have a profound effect on the human brain. The hormones go through a chemical reaction that leads to various types of moods and various types of emotions. The emotions of women go through alterations because their health goes through several hormonal changes.

These can be changes in the menstruation process, pregnancy, menopausal status, endocrinal irregularities, the condition of hypothyroidism, and many of the other problems in their biological appearances. These factors are very important to create mood levels in their minds.

The women, who suffer from a menopausal condition, will have a significant change in the estrogen level in their body. Thus, the balance of necessary hormones gets disturbed and results in mood swings.

Medical experts say that estrogens, progesterone, testosterone are those important factors that lead to significant mood swings. In the same way, in ovulation, the women’s health goes through several physical, emotional, and behavioral changes.

The mood swings in women also occur due to the fast lifestyle and more work pressure both at the workplace and home. Many women have to manage all the responsibilities at home and even in the office.

In such a situation, they face an overload of responsibility and less time to think for themselves. Gradually, they lose their power of tolerance and patience. Many women in this situation develop a nature of anger and irritation. Excessive stress is always a great cause of depression.

The homemakers who need to manage the responsibilities for their kids and the others also have a lot of workloads, and usually, they lose a normal balance of mood. The women, who get very less understanding from the husband, also suffer from depression and various sorts of moods.

Nowadays, several women have developed a habit of alcohol intake, smoking, having excessive sugar, caffeine, tea, chocolates, etc. These lead to an increase in blood pressure and cholesterol. In addition, several women have less amount of physical activity at home.

They can also suffer from mood changes and frequent habits of changing choices and decisions. Some medical conditions like diabetes, heart diseases, any cancer or tumor that causes pain or uneasiness can also cause mood swings. The women, who are going through some treatments and taking an excessive amount of medicines, can also suffer from mental trauma.

Some treatments:

Mood swings can be a serious mental status in women if it is not rectified on time. Medical science says that Who should start the treatment at home.

Altering lifestyle:-

The first step should be bringing changes in the lifestyle. Changes in lifestyles can be very effective in the treatment of mood swings.

Having a positive approach: –

One should have a completely positive approach towards life and lead a life as it comes on the way. Positive thinking can always help combat all the negativities and Who can significantly treat a mood swing.

Mental Exercise and Yoga: –

Some mental exercises and yoga poses have been proven to be a great source of mental relief for decades. Yoga exercises like controlling the breathing, stretching, hatha yoga, Vikram yoga, standing poses, balancing poses, and some mediations and mental similes will also help balance the mood. Some of the other body exercises like swimming, dancing, etc., will also be helpful for a cool mind status.

Herbal intake: –

An intake of lemon tea or green tea always gives the mind relaxation. The other herbs like Jatamansi, Ginseng, and Aswagandha are also famous for treating mood swings. The essential oil of jasmine rose chamomile is also good to treat a mood swing condition.

Harmonization: –

If the mood swing has occurred due to any hormone change due to cancer or tumors, a patient is given hormone replacement therapy. This is a fast treatment for this kind of mental condition.

A-concentrations theory:-

Often, a work that needs more concentration of mind without any pressure or targets like practicing music, reading books, painting, or coloring has been a good way to revamp the mental disability and treat Mood Swings in women.

Balance the Relation: –

The women working or the homemakers should get a proper understanding from the husbands; this helps to have a relaxed mood, though she has to feed every demand at home. In this, the present features of diagnosis, prevention, and rehabilitation of occupational diseases, in the year 2021 has lots on women mood swing status.