Living With Cancer

living with cancer
living with cancer

There are some factors involved in developing cancer risk. We cannot avoid all the risks when it comes in term of age or heredity but some practical approaches in daily life can reduce the risk of cancer. Balanced living can cut down your individual risk of developing cancer but cannot ensure that you will not get cancer. Whether you are in low or high risk of developing cancer you may have to live with cancer! Maybe for yourself or maybe for your family or friends, cancer affects us all.

There are more than 200 different types of cancer, some can be cured some are not. Cancers can come back and has practical impacts on living. The person with cancer, medical workers, and the surrounding people who live with them are affected by the shock of cancer. It is not always easy to handle the situation alone, emotional and financial support for cancer is necessary.

Living with cancer- emotions, and feel

Each person has a unique response and reaction to cancer. Sharing emotions, feeling, and practical experiences can ease living with cancer.

The first reaction to the cancer diagnosis is a crucial part. No matters you are the person affected by cancer or your beloved one, it may bring a lot of dismay, disbelieve, fear, anxiety, and emptiness. A radical emotional change develops within the mind. A sense of guilt, fear of pain, and death may follow thereafter.

The initial shock of diagnosis can be difficult to accept but once it is lessened people often feel the hope for living. Feeling of hope is important for people living with cancer. People can treat ‘hope’ in a different way but hope is something that can ease your cancer experience.

Living with cancer can be described as living with emotions. Every feeling and emotion of cancer experience can be different so is cancer support. Understanding of emotional effects of cancer and handling them properly can help you to cope with the disease and get emotional support to your beloved ones in hard times.

Living with cancer- a practical approach

As long as one starts learning to cope with cancer it is more important to get more practical to live and feel better. Vent your emotions, creative activities, relaxation, and exercises or therapies, all are important for cancer support. Always remember as cancer affects us all and it is a family affair, so it is very important to cope with family and friends in a changed situation. Cancer support – diagnosis and treatment depend a lot on your practical approach.

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Nobody can predict exactly how cancer will change your daily activities; it may change your self-image, family, or employment roles. Cancer even can affect your finance, you may need to spend more money while the unpaid time away from work in the changed situation. So it is very important for you to understand your health insurance plan.

As cancer affects us all, so assuming possible changes to life you may think about handling practical situations if they come up. It might be difficult to seek and accept cancer support but it is important and you might need emotional and financial support for cancer.

There is a lot of information about cancer support out there; your health care team, family, friends, different support groups, social workers can be the main source to find and sort out the support and care you need.

Always remember you are not alone in your cancer journey, cancer affects us all and it is only your approach towards life to determine how to live with cancer.

The best way of living with cancer is to get support – practical, emotional, and financial.