How Your Home’s Garage Can Become a Gym

garage can become a gym
garage can become a gym

Have you ever set fitness goals but failed to accomplish them? Was one of the challenges you faced along the way a lack of time to dedicate to exercising? If so, it might not be surprising to know that this is also the number one excuse amongst other individuals all across the world. Even now, if you managed to find additional time due to lockdown restrictions, most gyms remain closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. What many people across the world have elected to do in order to remain physically active and fit throughout these lockdown restrictions is transforming their garage into a home gym.

If you’ve considered transforming your own garage into a home gym, the first step in the process is assessing the amount of garage space you currently have available. If your garage offers enough space to facilitate the exercises that you wish to incorporate into your routine, it might just be the best space for you to achieve your goals. Granted this all depends on the climate of your environment. For those living in a warmer climate year-round, this transition will likely be much easier. However, if you currently live in a more frigid climate, you may have limited space due to vehicles occupying the garage. Don’t let this stop you, though! Sometimes even the slightest rearrangement can provide enough space to reach your fitness goals.

In order to begin the process of creating your at-home gym facility, consider these questions:

What is your Home Gym Budget?

It’s important to consider just how much money could go into transforming your garage. Perhaps the structural integrity of the garage is questionable, or the ventilation is poor, or maybe you’ll need to install new lighting fixtures. All of these are costs that ensure a safe exercise environment for you and your family, but doesn’t even consider purchases like workout equipment. If you already have a suite of different workout equipment, then you’re ahead of the game. If you don’t already own any sort of equipment, you’ll have to consider how this will affect your budget as well.

What sort of sacrifices does your garage have to make?

A majority of people across the world use their garage as an additional storage space in their homes. Lawnmowers, snowblowers, toolsets, and their containers, holiday decor, or maybe even some furniture occupy a large amount of space in a number of garages. In order to not have to create space inside the home to accommodate these things, it may be to your benefit to maximize your garage storage with overhead storage systems that can store a number of these items and allow for full utilization of the garage’s space for your home gym.

What sort of equipment will your garage feature?

As mentioned previously, if you already own some form of equipment you likely will have to invest less in order to establish your home gym setup. However, if you own nothing, you’ll need to consider what types of equipment you’ll need to reach your goals and if it’ll fit in your budget. Perhaps you’re looking to maintain a robust cardio routine and you’ll need to invest in a treadmill or elliptical. Or if you’re more focused on muscle mass you may decide to purchase a weight bench with an accompanying set of weights and bars to support the weight. Less expensive options may include free weights and dumbbells to begin your fitness journey.

As you can see, there are a number of things to consider before you’re able to fully transform your garage into a home gym. If you believe that the investment would be worth it, take the leap and stick to your regimen. For more information on how to transform your garage in the most effective manner, review the accompanying infographic below. Courtesy of Good Garage.

How Your Home's Garage Can Become a Gym