How to Use Aromatherapy to Choose Your Mood


Many consider aromatherapy as a type of “new age” trend, but it is just the opposite—it has enjoyed over 6,000 years of use in ancient cultures worldwide. Why exactly has Western medicine failed to include aromatherapy into the newest form of medicine? Perhaps the lack of interest was caused by aromatherapy’s reputation as part of holistic medicine, which treats the entire body and causes symptoms. However,

Who can use aromatherapy to treat symptoms immediately and even be used for psychological purposes. Whether you wish to enhance your current mood or get the heck out of it, there is an aromatherapy treatment that can influence almost every feeling.

Everyone experiences both good and bad days and many do not have the luxury of pouting about bad moods at work. Make one of your desk drawers or a drawer at home a place to fill with different essential oils that can put you in whatever mood you need. Aromatic stimulants can trick the amygdala (i.e., the part of the brain that controls emotion) into functioning according to smell.



Many aromatherapy scents make the early hours more manageable for those who despise mornings (like me!). Caffeine may help you stay alert, but it certainly does not do wonders for your nervous system. Citrus blends are a great aromatic support to help you feel more awake.

Instead of just inhaling orange essential oil, try beginning your day with body washes and soaps that contain this scent. Peppermint is another great essential oil for alertness. Some companies even manufacture aromatherapy sticks in different scents for those who take a good hour to wake up!

Improved memory

Rosemary inhalation is a natural remedy for confusion, enhancing memory and recall. Even those struggling with memory loss due to the aging process can utilize rosemary for retaining focus and short-term memory.


If you want a foolproof cure for anxiety, try lavender, lavender, and more lavender. The subtle aroma does not disturb even the most sensitive nose. Frankincense is another scent commonly used to treat anxiety and stress. Also, try to find out the reason behind your anxiety.

For example, if you feel anxious due to menopause, then rose oil can specifically treat some of your symptoms. Meanwhile, chamomile works similarly to rose oil but has a much more subtle scent. Ingesting chamomile through tea and lotions can also provide further health benefits.


Even if you already feel incredibly happy, you can maintain your wonderful feeling by using essential oils. For example, as stated above, lavender can easily help you fight off feelings of stress. To feel immediately uplifted, try bergamot. As with other citrus oils, the scent can give you a refreshed feeling.

According to the International School of Natural Skincare, it has the bonus of functioning as an antidepressant (according to the International School of Natural Skincare). Finally, geranium promotes the feeling of happiness and comfort. This scent is also similar to that of a rose, so it may just work as a great perfume into the bargain!

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