How To Prevent Breast Cancer


In 2011, breast cancer would be claiming 40000 lives. As per information provided by the NBCF, the diagnosis of 200000 new-fangled breast cancer cases occurs annually in the United States, making the disease three folds more prevalent than other types of gynecologic cancer. Breast cancer rates have surged at an alarming rate in the last half-decade, and presently it is one from 7 females.

Breast Cancer Prevention Approaches


Eating a wholesome dietetic intake, engaging in some form of physical activity regularly, being sufficiently exposed to the sun’s rays, or orally taken supplements for optimizing levels of vitamin D & an effectual means of taking care of emotional health are the foundation stones of one and all cancer preventative programs, inclusive of breast cancer prevention.

Regularly engaging in some form of physical exercise has been found to lower the chances of getting breast cancer while also reducing the likelihood of mortality due to it by fifty percent. No sooner has diagnosis been done.

Moreover, it is crucial to be vigilant about excess amounts of iron in our bodies – rather prevalent in females among whose menstruation has stopped. The superfluous iron functions as a potent oxidant to augment free radical presences in our bodies & thus boosts cancer risk.

The most acceptable means of monitoring iron in your body is having the level of ferritin (iron-transporting protein) checked. Ideally, it mustn’t cross eighty, and in case a woman’s test result shows a more significant level than this, she could lower it by just making a blood donation.

The below-mentioned lifestyle approaches would assist women in further lowering their risk for breast cancer.

Vitamin D Optimization

This sunshine vitamin has been found to influence almost all cells in our bodies & is among nature’s highly effective cancer combatants.

Vitamin D has the capability of gaining entry into cancerous cells & triggering apoptosis or cell fatality. In a State Univ. of N.Y. trial, scientist J. Welsh observed that on administering a shot of a powerful type of vitamin D inside breast cells in humans, fifty percent of them exhibited shriveling & death just days later. The vitamin was proven to have as much efficacy as the deleterious Tamoxifen breast cancer medicine in obliterating cancerous cells minus the harmful side effects & marginal costing.

The level of vitamin D must be lying in the range of seventy & a hundred nanograms per milliliter for cancer patients. This vitamin appears to work synergistically with all cancer treatments and with zero detrimental effects.

Obtain plentiful Vitamin A

There’s ample proof about vitamin A donning a role in breast cancer prevention. The ideal means of obtaining it is through food intake forms high in vitamin A instead of supplemental form. Examples of perfect vitamin A source is kinds of beef, yellow of organic eggs, whole milk & butter (unprocessed), chicken liver.

But, one needs to be wary of supplementation since there is some proof about vitamin A negating the gains derived from the sunshine vitamin. As apt amounts of vitamin D are essential for one’s overall health and also for preventing cancer. Hence it translates to the fact that it is crucial to be having the appropriate proportion of A: D vitamins in our bodies.

In an ideal scenario, one should be providing the duo vitamin substrates one’s body requires in a manner that our bodies are capable of regulating the duo systems innately. It is ideally done by intake of bright-colored veggies (to obtain vitamin A) & through the exposure of skin’s surface to sun’s rays daily (to get vitamin D).

Do not Char Meat

Meats cooked using charcoal/flame-broiling have been associated with an augmented risk for breast cancer. A carcinogenic substance, Acrylamide, is produced due to baking, roasting, or frying starch-containing food items observed to increase the risk for breast cancer.

Evade Non-fermented Soy Product

Non-fermented soy is isoflavone(phytoestrogen)-rich. Many trials have shown that soy seems to be working in unison with estrogen present in humans for increasing breast cell propagation that augments the likelihood of mutation & cancer cells.

Perk up IR Sensitivity

The most acceptable means of doing so is exercising & following a dietetic intake best suited to the person’s nutritional-type.

Ideal body weight maintenance

This is possible once people eat right & exercise. One must lose excessive body fats since fats are causal to estrogen production.

Consuming duo pints green veggies in juiced form every day & ample omega-3s

The deficit of omega-3 fatty acids is a prevalent causal factor for cancer.

Add Turmeric to most of your meals


Curcumin present in Turmeric is the active constituent in this spice & elevated levels could be quite beneficial for treating breast cancer and has shown to have slight healing potential in averting breast cancer spread.

Evade intake of alcohols

In case tricky to accomplish, then, at the very least, restrict intake of alcohol-based beverages.

Breastfeeding lowers breast cancer risk.

Do exclusive nursing for close to 6 months. Studies have shown that it lowers the risk for breast cancer.

Forego under-wiring in brassieres

Skip donning bra with under-wire as there’s sizeable information about metal-based under-wiring in brassieres augment the disease’s risk.

Evade EM waves

Electromagnetic radiation or fields are to be avoided whenever doable. Also, an electric blanket could augment cancer risk.

Breast Cancer Prevention Study Findings

  • Depression could have an influencing effect on disease survival. Females among whom depression signs allayed in the foremost year after have been notified of later staging breast cancer outlived over duo years compared to the ones among whom depression signs deteriorated.
  • Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitor (SSRI) antidepressants are linked to augmented risk for the disease.
  • CoQ10 seems to be a beneficial means, and the preferable type is Ubiquinol since it appears to be working in a superior manner compared to CoQ10 (post-oxidation).
  • Wormwood has been observed to have a lethal effect on breast cancer cells in humans.
  • A carb-laden diet might augment the risk for breast cancer.
  • Black cohosh has shown the potential to fight breast cancer by cell death induction in cancerous cells.
  • Trio cupfuls tea every day might cut the risk for breast cancer by half.

Scientifically proven cancer-fighters are:

  • Veggies from the Brassicaceae family (broccoli, cauliflower, turnips, cabbages, mustard, radishes, rapeseed, horseradish, among others).
  • Kelp.
  • Evening primrose oil.
  • Spice-based food items.
  • Antiperspirant usage could augment the disease’s risk since there are lethal metal presences in them that could have an influencing effect on estrogen activities.
  • Excessive light during nights has been observed to augment the disease since it inhibits the sleep-regulating hormone melatonin.
  • Females who have undergone abortions have a nearly two-fold greater likelihood of developing breast cancer than a trial conducted in Britain.
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