How To Easily Lose 15 Pounds In A Month

How To Lose 15 Pounds In A Month
How To Lose 15 Pounds In A Month

Weight Loss needs full attention and commitment because you can never get it done by magic because those pounds won’t just disappear without your effort. If you want to lose weight you’ll need a healthy diet plan and much positivity, and some major exercises like aerobics are advisable. If you really need results, then I suggest you also surround yourself with positive people who can be of help in achieving your aim. If you have a friend who’s also overweight, then I will suggest that you team up with them for a regular meet-up at a specific place for exercises, and set up a challenge within each other, because that really helps in developing and achieving a better result.

Let us take a look at these fundamental steps.

1. Have a mind-map on how you want to go about losing weight; set realistic goals — for example, 2-3 pounds a week for a month. You should stop thinking of setting a goal of 40 pounds within a week because that’s not realistic.

2. Have an expert who can follow up with you in getting results; it’s far better than you have a fitness expert around. It’s something helpful.

3. Be aware of your body mass index; it’s better than just knowing your body weight, and more importantly, helps you know the maximum weight your height can gain.

4. Opt-in for a long-term exercise plan. Personally, I suggest you do aerobic and stretching exercises often. If you don’t know much about aerobic and flexible exercises, you can simply head over to YouTube and see how it’s been done. But if you know you can’t do all this alone, then it’s best that you sign up with some close-by fitness center near you.

5. If you don’t want to go with exercise or a fitness center, then I suggest you should limit the amount of protein, carbohydrates, and sugar that you consume per day. And it’s also good to pick up a diet plan from any nearest bookstore because it’ll surely help you know what to eat and what NOT to eat.

6. Now, to help you achieve better results, which I believe is the ultimate goal, change your way of doing things. Be ready to walk more at work. This is really helpful considering the rate at which it has helped lots of people. For example, where you usually take the elevator, take the stairs; some walk down to the supermarket instead of driving down. Some early morning walks with the dog are much healthier as well, or, better still, any destination that is just a 5-10 minute drive, just walk down there.

7. Set a budget for your weight loss program plan, that’s if you’re going to be using any supplement. It’s highly recommended that you test any product that you’ll be using to see if you’re getting results before committing. I personally recommend products that give you a FREE trial for you to test before buying from them. I mean … they’ve got confidence in their product, that’s why they’ve offered a free trial before you can buy.

8. t’s highly recommended picturing the results in progress. Tracking the process of your weight loss plan is also effective, as this will help you know the next move to take. Always take before and after images of yourself. Write down the number of pounds you lose each week (aka a weight loss journal), break down your weight loss plan journey into small sections (schedule them). Also, never over stress yourself in the process of daily exercise; find a more fun way to do exercise and implement it into your daily routine. And lastly, do not forget your goal is to lose weight. Set your goal, and your dream shall come true.

I hope my tips will help you achieve better results within a month. Good luck in your journey to lose weight, and I personally wish you the very best of luck.