How to Have Sex

If you are contemplating being sexually active, there is nothing wrong with learning How to Have Sex the right way at the right time

How to Have Sex

The first time you ever have sex is something you always are going to remember. It is a first that can be confusing, awkward, challenging and can bring to mind many other feelings that you might not instantly connect with the word “sex.” However, if you are looking to having sex, there are many different things you need to consider first. It is not something you should just delve into and not think about ahead of time.

There is only one first time, and you should make it something special because chances are, it is a story you are going to tell other people about. You might not remember the ninth time you have sex, or the 23rd, or even the second. But you are always going to remember all of the details about the first time you had sex, so it is important to look into the activity and consider all the possibilities and angles ahead of time. You need to learn How to Have Sex!

How Old Do You Have to Be to Have Sex?

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The first question you might ask is, “How old do you have to be to have sex.” There are a few different ways to answer this. It is possible to physically have sex after you have reached puberty. For girls, this generally comes a few years before boys, but everyone is different. One person might physically be able to have sex at the age of 11, while someone else might be able to physically have sex at age 15. Legally it can become a bit tricky, based on the state you live in.

If you are over the age of 18, you are legally not suppose to have sex with anyone under this age, and if both of you are under the age of 18, some laws might point to requiring parent approval, but honestly, you are probably not going to seek out mutual parental approval to have sex for your first time.

So, the only real way to answer the question of how old you have to be to have sex really is not a numbers game but rather something that should be rooted in when you are actually ready. Now, if you ask most people, they might tell you that you are never going to be fully prepared to have sex.

After all, it is something you learn about in school and hear about from other people, but it is not something you completely understand until you actually take part in it. So, while the general answer is that there is no set age for when you can have sex, you do need to make sure you are as mentally ready as possible.

How to Have Sex for the First Time

Having sex for the first time is going to be incredibly awkward. It also is probably not going to live up to the expectations you have. It generally is short, and you probably are not going to know what to do with different parts of your body, whether or not you should talk to your partner, whether you should make eye contact or really anything else regarding the experience. For some, especially girls, sex for the first time is actually painful. It might be painful for several times.

It might not hurt as much if you have already started to masturbate, especially if you have used some sort of an object or toy to help you along, but in general, it can be a bit uncomfortable. However, when it comes to how to have sex for the first time, it is important to work up to it and to not become overly excited and to simply insert the penis into the vagina. You probably already know the basics about sex. The penis goes into the vagina. At a younger age, boys can become aroused rather quickly, so their penis becomes hard quickly, and obtaining an erection isn’t difficult.

It is more for the girl that having sex for the first time should be built up. A girl needs to become as aroused as the boy, as this helps to lubricate her vaginal tract, which makes it easier to slide the penis in. And it also helps reduce the friction, and it makes it less painful. It is easier to do this if the girl has already masturbated and had previous orgasms before, so she knows what to become excited about, but typically, it is better to prolong the experience.

Regardless of what happens though, it is vital to use birth control. Wearing a condom is a must. Many people make the mistake of thinking they can pull out in time. Even if the boy is able to pull out before orgasm, when his sperm is released, chances are some pre-ejaculate is going to contain sperm, which can escape into the vagina and make a girl pregnant. The vast majority of teen pregnancies occur within the first few months of becoming sexually active, so using condoms is a necessity and not a recommendation. In order to do this, you need to know how to have sex with a condom.

Having sex with a condom is the same as having sex without a condom; you just need to know how to put it on. First, make sure you (or the boy) has an erection. Then, tear the condom wrapper at the top to open it up (You also want to look at the labeling on the wrapper to make sure the condom has not expired.). The condom comes wrapped up and is about the size of a quarter.

The outer rim is curled up. You want the curled up section to be facing up, and then place it onto the top of the penis. Then, roll the condom down along the shaft of the penis, like you are pushing a rubber band down a tube. Make sure the condom is covering the penis and is pushed down as far as possible.

There should be a small tip of air at the top of the condom. This is for the sperm to flow into. If the condom is extremely tight and there is no air pocket, the sperm might push out the sides of the condom, so make sure there is this air pocket.

How to Have Sex in Middle School

Now, this is rather young to start having sex. You really need to think about whether this is the right age for you to engage in this act. While your hormones might be charging up now, it is extremely common and it is something you really need to think about. Your body has just started to reach puberty, and there are probably plenty of people in your grade who have not yet started to experience puberty.

It is almost always better to wait at this age because if you do, sex is just going to be better. Of course, it is difficult for anyone to stop you from having sex, and it is rather easy to have sex at your home when parents are not around. However, should you choose to have sex now, it is still very important for you to wear a condom.

If you are asking the question, “How do I have sex,” you probably are too young to have sex. Although you might not have had sex before, it is something that you can figure out as you go along. You might want to talk to your parents about sex before doing anything else. This might be a bit uncomfortable at first, but it is important, and you never know what your parents might tell you.

Wondering How to Have Sex at School?

It is always a good idea for your sex life to begin somewhere private, where the two of you can enjoy it for as long as possible. Of course, you might feel the urge to have sex at school. The thrill of being caught is an extreme turn-on for many people, and if you have already had sex before, you are probably wanting it more and more, which is natural. If you are wondering how to have sex in school, it is probably better that you don’t.

If you are caught having sex inside of the school, you might face expulsion, which can prevent you from entering your college of choice later on, not to mention everyone in the school and your parents are likely to find out if you are caught. It is much better, if you must, to have sex at home. If you are feeling the urge at school and there is nothing you can do, it is possible to take a drive in your car and find somewhere remote, but again, having sex in a public area is against the law, and you risk all sorts of problems.

How to Have Better Sex

When it comes to how do people have sex and how to have good sex, it really comes down to experience and practice. You are never going to have great sex the first time through, and it might be several dozen times (or more) before you start having great sex. You are going to learn new techniques, people are going to learn to last longer and you might pick up a thing or two from different partners as you age.

It is very important to not compare your sex life to what you see online. That is all show. It is two people with unrealistic bodies (especially the women) who have sex in extremely uncomfortable positions just to sell the product. So, when it comes to how to have great sex, it really just comes down to practice, just like anything else.

How to Have Sex Video

First, if you are under the age of 18, don’t do it. Don’t even consider it. While you might want to and with mobile smartphones and technology it is really easy, you need to not do it at all. No matter what you make, in the world today, it is far too easy for this information to leak out and for other people to obtain it. And guess what, if the person you have sex with forwards it to someone they know, they can both be arrested for distributing child pornography because you are under the age of 18.

If you are over the age of 18, it really comes down to whether you want to or not. It can be fun and a way to draw you and your partner closer together, but just know, there is always the risk of other people seeing it.

Whether you are wondering how to have safe sex or how do you have sex in general, it is very important for you to be ready when you have sex. This way, you do not do something that you regret.