Everything You Need To Know On How Long Do Genital Warts Last?

What are Genital Warts?

Genital Warts are an outbreak on the skin in the anal or genital area of the human body due to an infection caused by HPV (human papilloma virus). There are several kinds of HPV that can affect a human body in different parts and approximately amount for 100 kinds of categories.

How Long Do Genital Warts Last

However, it is approximately 30 types that can actually live around or in the anal as well as genital areas but the most common kind of viruses that cause these outbreaks or genital warts in particular are type 6 and 11 respectively. They are classified and identified as STD (sexually transmitted disease)

It is a sexually transmittable disease. An active sexual life can cause the virus to be passed on and is applicable to both Men and women. During sexual intercourse of anal or vaginal interaction it is transmitted from any kind of skin contact. The virus does not spread on the genital area but in case of protection, the area exposed does get affected by the virus.

The virus does not spread in areas like throat, lips or the mouth from oral sexual interaction. It is a rare situation but Warts on hands can be transmitted to genital areas, or while giving birth if the mother has genital warts she could very well pass it on to her baby. You cannot get infected with genital warts by hugging, kissing, sharing towels, or baths, or for that matter swimming pools, toilet seats, and sharing crockery.

It is advisable to avoid any kind of sexual intercourse or interaction while the skin disease persists as STD would surely be transmitted and spread further. The protected are might not be affected but the unprotected area when comes in close contact might end up affecting the other individual and truth be told can be quite embarrassing as well.

Genital warts do not affect the sexual fertility or other sexual capabilities of individuals, no evidence has been found that it effects otherwise. It would be hard to trace it back to find the person from whom you have been affected if you are keeping multiple partners. It can be quite frustrating to have warts, it is necessary to reach out for help if you are unable to discuss it with your partner, friends or near or dear one. It is advisable to seek professional help from a clinic or a staff at the clinic.

Medical Treatments to Remove Genital Warts

Genital warts can be removed without medical treatment but the process takes longer, for a time period ranging from a few months to years at a stretch based on the immune system of the human body. Hence it is imperative that you get a treatment as soon as you find the first genital wart materializing on your body.

The effectiveness of the treatment is dependent on the number of warts, size and the type of warts that have affected the area and the quality of the immune system in adapting and fighting the HPV. The warts are an infection due to a virus and not bacteria hence antibiotics are not of much help, so wait it out is the suggestion.

Removal of Genital Warts

The visible genital warts can be removed by the following measures :

  • You can apply cream or medicinal liquid for a few weeks; you can ask help from your partner or do it yourself.
  • Cryotherapy is another method used where in the genital wart can be frozen using liquid nitrogen


  • Electrodesiccation is a method where electricity is used to get rid of genital warts. Electricity is passed through the genitals to remove warts.
  • Electrocautery is done using heat and local anesthesia. The procedure is not painful while executing as the portion is numb due to local anesthesia.
  • Surgery is done using local anesthesia. The area is addressed and Genital wart is removed.
  • Laser Surgery is the last resort for surgeons when the affected area has not responded to other treatments, people resort to Laser surgery. It is a painful and expensive process and has a possibility of causing a swelling, scarring even because negative effects to the immune system.

How long do HPV warts last with medical treatment?

The Genital warts removal varies from person to person. More some individuals they are removed as soon as the treatment starts but in some cases it takes longer and repeated seating is required to curb the problem. It happens so that at times these disruptions on the skin to return even after the treatment. It is difficult to say that is it the original infection or a new infection is acquired.

Natural Treatments for Removal of Genital Warts

Natural Treatments for Removal of Genital Warts

People have shared experiences where in natural remedies have been effective and beneficial in wart removal for them. The cures range from aromatherapy, acupuncture, herbs. Natural home remedies like use of tea tree oil, Green tea, apple cider vinegar, and garlic also exist. The natural home remedies are easy to make as the ingredients are readily available in the kitchen, all you need to do is raid the pantry and find the right proportions to make it better. People desire faster and aggressive results for the wart removal and resort to Wartrol which is quite similar to what dermatologists utilize to treat them.

How long do Genital warts last with natural treatment

Even after treatment there is very good chance warts might resurface and it is completely not curable. Genital warts remain in the system and resurface as per the infection striking. The virus cannot be cured through antibiotics so natural treatments are of help but surely take a longer time to heal.

How long do genital warts last without treatment

Genital warts are dependent on the immune system of the human body and it may take a few weeks to disappear on their own. The genital wart may grow, might stay the same size, or their might be an increase in the number. Warts would surely disappear over a period of time. In case your body is infected with any other kind of disease that affects your immune system, then it makes the fight tougher for the body.

Warts are not a serious ailment and hence if they are not treated they do not harm the health. The only difficulty is the uneasiness or discomfort you might feel. Treatment is surely a good option as they reduce the chance of further transmitting it.

What’s going to happen if your warts are left untreated

Warts would disappear eventually regardless of the treatment mode or any kind of aid offered and the immune system is surely working to cure the body. The genital warts are since classified as STD, the chances of transmitting it to other people does increase if sexual encounters happen without protection.

It is advisable that condoms are used if you want to indulge in sexually pleasures. Untreated genital warts do not harm the body in any manner and have no adverse affect on the body in any manner whatsoever. They can be left unattended and let them disappear naturally.

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