Who Else Wants To Learn the Truth about Fat-Free Foods and Lose Weight?

fat-free foods
fat-free foods

Fat-free foods have become a phenomenon

Anywhere you go signs shout “fat-free foods” as if to imply that the food you are going to consume is healthier and less fattening. Many of us assume that big free food is in reality not fattening at all. A sad result of the “fat-free foods” phenomenon is people putting those extra pounds without knowing exactly why.

The term fat has many meanings

Two of them are fat in the food we consume and fat that individuals put on our bodies resulting from consuming too much poor nutrition and not sufficient exercise. It is regrettable that the word fat is used to describe these two entirely different definitions. Because the similar word carries those meanings, many of us tempted to think that in the record from producing the fat-free foods we will never gain fat on our bodies.

The fact remains that eating fat does not necessarily mean that this kind of fat will do put in our hearts to extra pounds. Fat has more calories per gram than many other ingredients. Consuming a large amount of fat indicates consuming much more energy than our body needs and additional power means the body was turning this energy into layers of fat reserves. It is the energy in the fat rather than the fat itself that is fattening.

So don’t think that just by staying away from fat you will avoid getting fat – that is simply not true. Fat-free foods are less appetizing than food with fat. Many times to compensate for the loss of flavor food companies add sugar as well as other ingredients to their products. Refined sugar is a small quality source of energy. The truth is the body can only use that power for a very short time after it happened consumed. Given that the majority of us are not likely to jog immediately after consuming sugar the body will have zero to do with that extra energy but change it to fat.

Sugar becomes fat in our body

Quite a few people do not realize that or just neglect that fact. Eating fat-free foods that is rich in sugar is not different than eating food with lots of fat. The body is an incredible instrument, and it is very efficient. The energy that cannot last used or is not necessary is set aside for the future and the way in that the body reserves power is by building additional layers of fat.

So when we consume fatty food we in fact simply take in an excessive amount of energy – the main reason us get weight is not that we consume fat that sticks to our body but as that big has a lot of energy and the surplus energy means converted into layers of fat by our body. So when we consume fat-free foods that is abundant in sugar, our body will again have excess energy that cannot do given, and that will be converted to layers of fat as well.

To summarize it is necessary to realize that fat-free foods do not necessarily mean nutritious or non-fattening food. Look for the nutrition facts of the food you consume to find out that you are not consuming way too many calories or an excessive amount of sugar. It is better to have some fat in your food and less sugar than too much sugar and no fat whatsoever. As always the best diet regime is one that preaches for the moderation of food and its nutrition. Make sure your calories do eat from nutritious ingredients and not necessarily from simply just sugar as well as fat.