Home Remedies with Bishop’s Weed

bishop’s weed
bishop’s weed

Bishop’s Weed is a strong aromatic spice used in the recipes. It is commonly used for relief from flatulence and indigestion. Bishop’s Weed is also named as Carom seeds, Thymol seeds, and Ajowan Caraway. It is added to the snacks and cookies and is tastier with fish and other curries.

Home Remedies with Bishop’s Weed

Thymol seeds are fine, however, are spicy to taste. It is not eaten raw or directly by chewing it because it gives a burning sensation to the tongue. The crushed seeds can be added to various recipes like tea and warm water to consume them easily as a home remedy. Let’s know more about the home remedies with Bishop’s weed.

1. ½ teaspoon Bishop’s Weed is crushed and boiled in water. The warm water is consumed after the meals to help the proper digestion of food. This water can be prepared drunk daily by the complete family for better health.

2. Boiled water of the Bishop’s weed also helps in relief from flatulence and increases the appetite too. It can also be consumed half an hour before having meals.

3. Chewing a mixture of fennel and Ajowan Caraway prevents bad odor and keeps the mouth and the tongue fresh all the time.

4. Gargling with boiled water of salt and Bishop’s weed helps in relief from toothache. One may repeat the gargling process 3-4 times in a day of the toothache is severe.

5. Boiling ¼ teaspoon of Thymol seeds to a glass of milk would give relief from throat ache, throat infection (sore throat), and hoarse voice overnight after consuming it before going to bed.

6. The crushed seeds of Carom can be tied in a cloth and used as a natural inhaler in case of cold, cough, running nose, and sneezing attacks.

7. ¼ teaspoon of the Carom seeds can be roasted on the pan and the smoke can also be used as an inhaler for severe colds, coughs, and sneezing. (Since smoke is injurious to health, it should not be inhaled frequently. This smoke should be inhaled only for medicinal purposes)

8. One can chew a few seeds of Carom and drink a glass of warm water for curing stomach problems like stomach ache, worms, constipation, and indigestion too. (Since chewing the Carom seeds is hot to taste, it is not recommended for the kids because it gives a burning sensation to the tongue)

9. Those who are suffering from asthma should drink Bishop’s seeds warm water daily in the morning and before going to bed for better relief.

10. Drinking boiled milk with Bishop’s weed helps prevent cold, cough, fever, and keeps the body warm in the winters.

11. The mixture of Bishop’s weed and saliva works well for fever, cold, and cough. Hence, traditionally the mothers chew the seeds, remove the mixture from the mouth, and then apply it on the forehead before going to bed. Since the kids cannot chew or consume the Bishop’s weed, this kind of traditional home remedy is quite good for the kids.

12. Thymol seeds are aromatic and hence can be crushed and inhaled in vomiting sensations. One can also carry the crushed seeds of Thymol in the handkerchief and keep on inhaling it for better results.

13. Carom seeds are generally added to the fried recipes and snacks to prevent flatulence and indigestion.

14. The recipes prepared from the Chickpea flour must have Ajowan Caraway as the main ingredient in order to prevent indigestion, the action of gas, and stomach ache after eating the fried snacks prepared from the chickpea flour.

15. A few seeds of Carom are crushed and added to the lemonades in the summers for relief from the flatulence. It also helps to make the lemonades tastier.

Altogether, the home remedies with Bishop’s seed are quite helpful in relief from stomach and lungs related problems.

P.S: Chewing the raw Bishop’s weed would generate a burning sensation on the tongue.