Home Gym is a Popular Replacement for The Health Club

home gym

Home Gym is gaining popularity by the day. The pieces of equipment provided in a home gym have improved steadily over the years. It is a daily visiting place for many from out of computer games and intoxication of facebooks and twitters. The Home Gym improves your self-discipline and could well be a wise investment for your health and wellbeing. It is your personal fitness club in the comfort and convenience of your home. No matter what your fitness level is, it is suitable for everyone.

A Home Gym Has a Series of Advantages

  • It is extremely useful for people who do not find time to visit a gym due to their hectic lifestyle.
  • It relieves people of the bindings of a monthly fitness center membership payment. The training gear of a
  • Home Gym is a sure way to get back into shape at your convenience.
  • You need not be afraid of any communicable disease like a skin allergy.
  • The equipment of a Home Gym can be cost-effective.

Setting up a home gym can be a difficult task. You have to know what equipments you would need. Do you want the equipment that a professional club would stock? Can you find alternative types of equipment which could be cheaper than but almost as effective as the expensive varieties?

The basic equipment that you would need is rather simple in construction and economical. Some of these types of equipment are.

  • A set of dumbbells

This is a great investment for a Home Gym. A variety of exercises can be performed by a dumbbell. You should have a variety of weights from 5 to 25 pounds depending on gender and your fitness level.

Compared to round design, iron hex dumbbells are better as they would not roll away.

  • A step

A step is a good choice because it has multifarious uses. A step can be used for cardio activities like step aerobics and can be used as a weight bench. With risers, the steps can become an incline, flat bench or decline.

  • A Barbell set

A Barbell set is required when you do weight training. The Barbell set includes a bar and weights that altogether weigh 100 pounds. The weight can be adjusted to suit different workout options.

  • Exercise Balls

Of late, exercise balls have come indispensable in gyms. Exercise Ball improves your core strength and balance. This can be used for abdominal workout or used as a weight bench. You can use it for pushups, lower body exercises or back extensions.

  • Weight Bench

If you are not doing step aerobics, you would need a Weight Bench. This is required for your chest and back exercises.

For a quick ab workout or triceps dips, you would need a Weight Bench. There are a number of choices available. An adjustable bench is more useful.

  • Resistance Bands

You can get a full workout with Resistance Bands. These are small and can be carried along and can be used even in a hotel room.

  • Ankle Weights

Ankle weights are useful for standing leg lifts or leg extensions. These are also used as add-ons to standing lower-body moves like squats and lunges.