Healthy Food At Mexican Restaurant

Healthy Food At Mexican Restaurant
Healthy Food At Mexican Restaurant

If you’re trying to lose weight or simply eat more healthy foods, Mexican fare is probably not the first food genre you turn to in order to reach your goals. But the truth is that many Mexican dishes are based on fresh ingredients and produce, while the American versions have altered them with unhealthy additives. Most authentic Mexican restaurants still serve the simple, spicy, and delicious, signature dishes of Mexican cuisine, and it’s actually quite easy to make the next Mexican meal one that tastes great and makes you feel good. Here are 8 healthy choices for ordering and eating at Mexican restaurants.

1. Skip the chips

Sorry, but there’s no way to get around the fact that endless baskets of chips will fill you with grease and salt. Plus, eating too many of these pre-dinner delights will make you less hungry for your real meal.

2. Combine your salsa and guacamole

Guacamole is avocado-based, but it’s also difficult to control your portion sizes and guacamole is full of salt. Order this beloved Mexican dip with the salsa mixed in (this will help control the amount of guacamole), or order a side of guacamole and a side of salsa, then mix the two yourself. You’ll still get all the flavor of the guac, without all the calories.

3. Fajitas are fantastic

The great thing about fajitas is that they are usually a make-’em-yourself order. This gives you the opportunity to monitor what—and how much—goes into each fajita. Ask for veggies and a lean protein (like chicken) and then assemble them yourself.

4. Tacos with corn tortillas

If you’re at a Mexican restaurant that offers corn tortillas, order your fajitas, tacos, etc. with corn instead of flour. Corn tortillas are lower in calories and higher in fiber to help you feel full. Flour tortillas are also higher in salt and fat, and they’re more likely to make you bloated after your meal.

5. Skip or swap the beans and rice

The main attraction of Mexican dishes doesn’t usually pack on the calories. After all, most dishes are built on veggies, starches, and meats. Where Mexican food really packs on the unnecessary (unhealthy) fat is in the side dishes, like the beans and rice. Of course, beans and rice are both relatively healthy choices, but they’re also very filling—and they can be a meal on their own! Skip the side of beans and rice, and swap it for a salad or a bowl of chicken tortilla soup. If you absolutely love your beans and rice, consider ordering it in a small bowl, or even making it your main meal. The bottom line is that you don’t need the huge portions of beans and rice to fill out your plate.

6. No cheese, please!

Before you nip this suggestion in the bud, hear us out! Cheese is easily the most caloric thing on a Mexican restaurant menu. It’s usually served in huge portions, and it’s cooked and melted with oils. If you live for your bowl of queso, just try ordering some homemade salsa instead, or order salsa with just a bit of queso melted on top—a little goes a long way. As for dishes that are pretty much impossible to order without cheese (like quesadillas or enchiladas), ask for very little cheese and extra protein. You’ll still get the flavor you love, without all the calories. But again, if you can manage without any cheese in your order, that is still the healthiest way to go.

7. Margarita choices

Finally, most people look forward to more than just the food at a Mexican restaurant—they also love to indulge in the signature margarita. While a beer or a glass of wine would still be a healthier choice, you can enjoy a margarita in a healthier way. For instance, a margarita served on the rocks is about 250-300 calories—so it contains about 75 fewer calories than a frozen margarita (which clocks in at around 300-350). Order without salt or sugar on the rim, and remember that little tricks also help the calorie count—ask for extra ice (meaning less alcohol), and only a dash of simple syrup. You can also ask for more lime to substitute more flavor!