5 Ways Healthier Eating Improves Your Sex Life

5 Ways Healthier Eating Improves Your Sex Life

Eating healthier improves your sex life, especially when it comes to libido and fertility. A well-rounded healthy lifestyle includes a healthy diet full of natural foods like raw leafy greens, fresh berries, and whole foods cooked at home. Whether this new found love of nature-made foods includes paleo, macrobiotic, raw (or partially raw), the blood-type diet, or any other whole-food dietary lifestyle change, as opposed to a short-term crash diet, the benefits are far-reaching. In addition to a healthier grocery budget, here are the five most impressive ways a healthy whole-foods life-long diet change will impact the sex life.

1. Weight Loss

Significant weight loss is the most common side effect of simply changing to a mostly vegetable, low-carbohydrate, and high protein lifestyle change. With healthy weight loss comes increased stamina, flexibility, muscle tone, and without any sexual dysfunction. Along with weight loss, other sex-boosting benefits include increased self-confidence, body image, self-esteem, and confidence naked. It is well known that being confident and having healthy self-esteem is a libido booster for both involved.

2. Improved Relationships

Possibly due to the increased energy and better hormonal balance, relationships improve with a whole-foods diet. Some of the biggest things people notice in the first few weeks are a better emotional response, fewer headaches, and less stress. As the stressful processed foods leave the body it feels less stressed emotionally too. Because when the body is no longer stressed by the things consumed it then no longer produces the flight or fight response outwardly either. The reduced body stress changes attitudes and this leads to improved relationships and thus improved romance.

3. Increased Sex Drive

It is a simple truth that a healthier lifestyle leads to a healthier libido. All of the diets which encourage us to eat fewer grains and refined products are responsible for hormone balancing. When hormones like testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen are balanced properly, a normal sex drive ensues. Along with that menstruation cycles should improve too. And those flight or fight hormones and neurotransmitters, which are a direct response from eating refined and processed foods, will now lead to normal hormone levels. All of this leads to increased desire, both mentally and emotionally.

4. Better Fertility

A huge issue in today’s society is the incidence of infertility. Fertility is a natural state of the body. However, most modern processed and commercially grown foods contain high amounts of hormone disruptors and inflammatory foods. All of which cause problems such as irregular cycles, polycystic ovary disease, endometriosis, low sperm count, and decreased sex drive and ability. Decreased or poor sex drive in men is a prime factor for infertility. All of these whole-foods diet books should warn that pregnancy is a side effect of eating healthier.

Definitely eating a less refined and processed diet, especially one with a lot of anti-inflammatory foods like berries and raw leafy greens, will result in higher fertility. Of course, these foods will take some time (2-3 years), to cure infertility, but it will be permanent as long as you stick to a healthier diet. If you or your partner (especially female), are over 40 and can’t afford to wait for a long period of time to improve your sex drive then you should go for some medication. For a male to increase penile erection, there are some very good drugs like generic Cialis are available in the market.

5. Libido Boosting Foods

It is a fact that healthier diets contain more libido-boosting foods. Check it out, raw nuts, raw fruits, raw vegetables, spices, herbs, and even probiotics are touted as libido boosters. And for good reason. When the body is running at its optimum everything works more efficiently. Further, it is easier to boost certain energy centers through exercise and special libido foods, thus increasing and improving the experience all around.

Get Ready to Make Love to Life

If these five reasons are not convincing enough to adopt a healthier, low-grain, and refined foods diet, then think about how these five effects can improve other areas of your life besides the bedroom. Could your life use more patience with family, more passion in your career, or more energy for recreational activities? A healthy libido will boost other areas of life and a healthier body and outlook on life will take you places a processed or fast-food diet cannot.