8 Health Benefits of Grapefruit

benefits of grapefruit

Known as one of the world’s healthiest foods, the benefits of grapefruit are more than just a breakfast staple. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, read more to find out how this fleshy fruit can improve your health.

Health Benefits of Grapefruit

1. Full of vitamins and nutrients

Not only does half a grapefruit provide 64% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin C and 28% of vitamin A, but it also contains small amounts of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E, niacin, folate, potassium, zinc, and copper, providing a well-balanced array of nutrients your body needs.

2. Cancer-fighting antioxidants

The benefits of grapefruit are one of the best natural sources of lycopene (an antioxidant compound that gives fruits and vegetables their color). Foods containing lycopene, such as grapefruits, have been thought to play a role in preventing cancer. Although this claim is still under research, according to cancer.org, some studies have shown a correlation of higher lycopene intake with a lower risk of prostate, lung, and stomach cancers among others.

3. Lowers Cholesterol

A study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry showed that blond and red grapefruit could reduce the level of “bad” LDL found in the blood. Red grapefruit could also lower triglycerides as well. Add half of a grapefruit to your morning breakfast routine if you’re looking for ways to help lower your cholesterol.

4. Improves complexion

The high amount of vitamin C in grapefruit can help to fight skin damage caused by the sun and pollution. Whether eaten in its natural form or applied topically, it can also reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture. This is due to the fact that vitamin C helps form collagen, the main support system of the skin.

5. Weight loss and disease prevention

With virtually no fat and low in calories, grapefruits are a great nutritional aid that may help you lose weight. Studies have suggested that increased consumption of plant foods, grapefruit included, promoting a healthy complexion, increased energy, and overall weight loss. They also help lower risk for many diseases with their high density of nutrients and vitamins.

6. Lowers risk of stroke

Eating higher amounts of grapefruit and other citrus fruits may lower the risk of ischemic stroke risk for women, according to research from the American Heart Association. In the study, those who ate higher amounts of citrus had a nearly 20% lower risk than their counterparts, who consumed the least. This could be linked with a high potassium intake, which has been associated with a reduced risk of stroke.

7. Lowers blood pressure

With 5% of your daily value of potassium, grapefruit may aid in lowering blood pressure. Potassium helps maintain the balance of electrolytes in your body, which promotes hydration and balance excess amounts of sodium in the bloodstream. This decreases blood volume and relieves blood pressure on artery walls.

8. Digestion and regularity

Foods high in water and fiber content, such as grapefruit, can promote regularity for a healthy digestive tract. benefits of grapefruit is also made up of 91% water- one of the most hydrating fruits in the world, right behind watermelon- and is full of electrolytes, which help prevent dehydration and constipation.