15 Surprising Health Benefits of Cloves

health benefits of cloves
health benefits of cloves

Cloves are popular spices and have a very important place in the kitchen. Many people love to keep a clove in the mouth because it acts as a mouth freshener. Moreover, the sweet and spicy taste of the clove is loved by many.

15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Cloves

Cloves can be added to the mouth fresheners, to the tea, coffee, and to the recipes too. Adding 1-2 cloves to the recipes add flavor, taste, and health to the food. Many people love to chew a clove daily while going to the workplace or for the parties. So, let’s know more about the 15 Surprising Health Benefits of Cloves.

1. Cloves for Throat Pain:

cure a sore throat
cure a sore throat

Keeping a clove in the mouth overnight gives relief from the throat pain by morning. The juice of the clove is consumed slowly and that relieves from throat pain.

2. Cloves for Runny and Watery Nose:

Chewing cloves while the nose is runny and watery helps give relief from it. One can chew 1 -2 cloves for the same.

3. Clove Oil for Toothache:

Those who have severe pain in the gums and teeth can put one drop of clove oil on a small piece of cotton and then apply the cotton of the infected tooth. Clove oil kills the germs in the tooth and also gives instant relief from the pain.

4. Clove Oil for Tooth Decay:

Those who have decay in the tooth can get it cured within a weeks’ time by fixing a small piece of cotton soaked in clove oil in the decay. Repeating this step for a week before going to bed would completely kill the decay keeping the other teeth decay-free. The piece of cotton in clove oil should be kept overnight in the tooth decay.

5. Clove for Severe Cold:

Those who suffer frequently from severe cold should eat 1-2 cloves daily. The regular consumption of cloves adds heat to the human body and keeps the body away from the cold and cough.

6. Cloves for Sneezing Attacks:

Those who sneeze soon after taking bath or early in the morning after waking up can get relief from these major and daily health problems by consuming 2-3 cloves daily. Since cloves are hot in nature, then keep the body warm and thus prevent further attacks of sneezing.

7. Cloves for Asthma Patients:

Home Remedies for Asthma to Prevent Asthma Attack
Home Remedies for Asthma to Prevent Asthma Attack

Since cloves are hot in the human body, the asthma patients should consume cloves by adding them to the recipes, tea, and chewing them for better relief.

8. Chew Cloves for Bad Breath:

Those who suffer from bad breath can chew 1-2 cloves in a daily to get permanent freedom from this problem.

9. Cloves for Acidity:

Acidity can be cured instantly by chewing the cloves slowly and sucking the juice of the cloves for better relief.

10. Clove for Stomach Ache:

Consuming clove oil with honey gives relief from stomach ache. Also, a crushed or powdered clove can be added to honey for the same.

11. Cloves for Headache:

migraine headaches
migraine headaches

Headaches can be cured by crushing cloves, adding common salt to it, and consuming it with hot milk.

12. Cloves for Nausea:

Cloves powder with honey can be licked to get relief from nausea and vomiting sensation. Clove buds can be boiled in water and consumed by the pregnant women for relief from vomiting sensations.

13. Clove Oil for Muscular Cramps:

Clove oil mixed with mustard oil can be applied to joint pains and to get relief from muscular cramps.

14. Clove Oil for Acne:

best oil for skin
best oil for skin

Mixing a few drops of clove oil with coconut oil and applying it on acne cures them and also removes the acne marks. This mixture should be applied until the acnes are cured.

15. Clove for Catarrh:

Eating clove with betel leaf cures Catarrh and helps in the digestion of food too.

So, are you quite impressed that cloves can be so useful at home and for human health?

P.S: Though I had tried many of the above home remedies for cures and reliefs, it is recommended to consume up to 2 cloves in a day. Children should avoid eating cloves and the teens can eat up to one clove per day because it is hot in nature. Moreover, the pregnant ladies and other people who suffer from various health problems should always consult their doctors before trying any health benefits of cloves.