How To Get Clear Skin: For Individuals With Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin
Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is classified as skin which becomes raw or irritated when it comes into contact with unfavorable conditions, environmental or other. My face will be raw if I sleep on a pillowcase that isn’t very soft. If I get a massage, the therapist must not stay in one place too long or it just begins to hurt the skin. Many skincare products will leave my skin hurting.

These are the type of things people with sensitive skin must deal with. The degree of sensitivity will vary from one person to another, of course, but all people with sensitive skin must learn what irritates their skin and avoid these things. The following are a few guidelines to follow in learning how to get clear skin and keep it maintained, even if it is sensitive skin.

Use Sensitive Skin Care Products or Natural Products

The individual with sensitive skin must make sure to use products that are marked “For Sensitive Skin”, or all-natural products. Keep in mind that just because it says it’s for sensitive skin, that doesn’t mean it will work for you or not irritate your skin. There are many sensitive skin products that still irritate my skin.

Most people with sensitive skin will be able to use sensitive skin products, but there are those, like myself, that can’t. I had to move to the all-natural products. Please be aware that there are ingredients in nature that may still irritate your skin. Just as some people are allergic to grass and others can roll in it all day.

You may have to experiment to find what works best for your skin. As you’re experimenting, write down the ingredients of the products you try. By doing this, you can use a process of elimination to find exactly what ingredient in those products irritated your skin and, in the future, you will know not to use anything that contains that ingredient. I spent most of my life trying to find products that work for me.

Unfortunately, not until the recent burst of products with antioxidants and skincare companies like Neutrogena, Olay, L’Oreal, and now even Cover girl moving toward a healthier, the natural formula was I able to find products that really helped my skin while not irritating it. I do have ultra-sensitive skin, and the following are some of the products I have found that really work while not irritating me. They are not for sensitive skin; they just have more natural ingredients and less harmful chemicals.

  • Neutrogena Rainbath Shower Gel. This product is really great. It left my dry elbows soft. However, I still have to put lotion on my arms after being in the sun.
  • The best exfoliation product I’ve found is the Neutrogena Daily Scrub. I was even surprised that it didn’t irritate my skin. Now, I’m using the Olay ProX facial cleansers scrub which also works well.
  • Olay Regenerist Micro-sculpting Cream. The serum really made my skin raw though. Recently, I decided to try the Olay ProX line of products, and WOW! They work so great. At the age of 51, I am able, for the first time, to wear foundation without causing my skin to flake off.
  • The first foundation I used was Cover Girl and Olay Tone Rehab Foundation. I tried it because I thought the Olay in the formula would hydrate the skin enough so it wouldn’t flake off. I was right, the formula worked great.
  • Then, I saw the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Antioxidant Blend. It advertised that it would leave your skin looking better after you take it off. I can testify to the truth of that statement. My skin did actually look better after I took it off. Just remember to wash your face each evening before bedtime.
  • For a make-up remover, I use the Neutrogena Oil-Free Makeup Remover. It works great and it’s for sensitive skin.

Choose the Most Natural Products

There is a wide range of sensitive skincare products. Choose the products that have the least amount of preservatives, coloring, and other additives.

Protect Your Hands

Wear rubber gloves when doing any kind of cleaning with chemicals. The palms of my hands get raw just from doing dishes. Avoid letting detergents and cleaning supplies come into contact with your skin.

Use Non-Alcoholic Products

A toner can put a little hydration back into the skin before applying a moisturizer. I like to use toners. Be sure to use a toner that does not contain alcohol. Alcohol will dry and irritate sensitive skin.

Avoid Too Much Sun

The sun is not good for anyone’s skin, but for the individual with sensitive skin, the sun is a mortal enemy. Make sure your moisturizer has a sunscreen SPF rating of 20-30 and even then, don’t spend a lot of time in the sun.

Click here for over 30 tips on how to get clear skin. Sensitive skin care is very different from normal skincare. We have to search through many products to find one that works well for us. If you follow my advice, you’ll have a list of what ingredients to avoid. Avoiding the ingredients and situations that irritate your skin is how to get clear skin for individuals with sensitive skin.