First Date Ideas to Bring You two Closer

The nerves are already rocky on that initial encounter, so relax, and do something casual to ease off some of the pressure while out on a first date ideas.

First Date Ideas

The nerves are already rocky on that initial encounter, so relax, and do something casual to ease off some of the pressure while out on a first date ideas.

Feeling nervous on a first date? Not sure what to do or where to go? Check out some great date ideas here.

The Classic – Dinner and a Movie

The old adage goes “if ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” However, what if it ain’t broke but the man planning the date is? No cause for concern because it isn’t necessary to spend a lot of money to have a lot of fun. Opt out of the $12 movie ticket and that potential three digit dinner bill by inviting a date over for a DVD and a homemade meal.

Not only will the homemade meal help save money, but it will also seem more sincere. Word to the wise, steer clear of the overly sentimental romantic flicks as things could prove to get a little awkward. There’s something distinctly squirm inducing about the silence provoked by that steamy love scene friends were giggling about just last week.

Daytime Date Ideas

Some couples aren’t comfortable with a nighttime setting, so daytime offers a lighter, yet still fun, atmosphere. Here are a few ideas to offer inspiration.

The Zoo

Animals are wild. They act on instinct. They stare people straight in the eye without so much as a blink before they fling their feces across the exhibit at the glass barricade. Now isn’t that fun? *nods assuredly* Yes, yes, of course it is. What could prove to be as exhilarating as watching animals do what they do best? And think of it this way, if couples have nothing to talk about, they can satisfy those quiet gaps as they and their date witness the Gorillas in the corner give those six- year-olds, with their nosed pressed against the glass, a lesson in reproduction.


Pack lightly. Grab some snacks, a few sandwiches and a jug of juice or a two litre pop. Eat too much, and someone could find themselves bowing out early from what could be a great date because their stomach won’t stop beckoning for the toilet. Showcase environmentally conscious prowess by packing utensils from home and bypass the landfill those plastic forks will inevitably wind-up in. Bring along a deck of cards, a comfortable blanket and the right conversation and you’re set! Be wary of those ants, though.

The Park

Granted, first dates can be anything but a walk in the park, however, a stroll is a nice way to take in the scenery while soaking up each other’s company at the same time. Walk around, explore the neighbourhood, and if the park has a swing set, couples can let their inner child loose. Besides, they can’t help but laugh when those new-breed speed walkers waddle by in their unfathomably tight spandex.


It’s fairly inexpensive, heaps of fun and a dose of friendly competition. What more could daters ask for?…Except for maybe helmets that aren’t soaked in sweat before they loan them out.

Mini Golf

Swing at the scaled down version of this amusing coarse and take advantage of the opportunity to get in some physical contact doling out expertise. Careful, though. Individuals getting a little too touchy-feely with their date are asking for an Elin and Tiger Woods magnitude re-enactment.

Nighttime Date Ideas

Some daters have schedules that simply don’t allow for them to venture out into the daytime. The night allows these individuals to still enjoy themselves while profiting from the ambiance of moonlit activities.

A Pub

Forget the hectic and at times seedy atmosphere of the bar and opt for the more intimate setting of a pub. Sit down, unwind over a few pints and enjoy those signature wings. This way, couples also get to go home without their ears ringing while they scream at each other “What did you say?!”

The Cemetery

Maybe rows of tombstones don’t necessarily spell out a romantic evening, but it may just turn out to be love at first fright. Bad puns can be just ghastly. In actuality, this gives both daters an excuse to cling to one another as they saunter through the graveyard.


This one requires a special occasion. If dates are scheduled on the same night as fireworks, the sparks in the sky may just inspire sparks between the couple to ignite as well. Daters can let the explosions in the sky do the talking for them as they cozy on up.


A lot of bowling alleys have “glow in the dark bowling”, a new addition which spices up the old classic. Many also serve alcohol, meaning, well…it’ll certainly make for some interesting stories when couples recount to their friends just how they sprained their wrist bowling a strike…in the lane three away from from.

Just Relax

First dates are always a touch nerve-wracking, but if daters choose from casual daytime and nighttime outings, they can help ease into them more comfortably. Nobody needs to spend a fortune to have fun. From walks in the park to a shared pint at the local pub, there are a number of inexpensive options for couples interested in getting to know one another in a stress-free environment.

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