Fennel Tea Benefits For Adults and Babies


Fennel Tea Benefits

Fennel Tea Benefits

It was originally used as a medicinal herb in ancient times, with this simple drink tracing back to the Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Indians, and Chinese. Throughout the centuries, fennel tea has continued to be used due to its fennel tea benefits, even today! While it may be cool to think about drinking the same thing the Ancient Greeks did, you might also wonder if there’s any benefit to this long-time herbal remedy.

Why Should You Drink Some?

Many benefits come with drinking fennel tea, but maybe that isn’t too surprising considering how long this drink has been around! Initially, Who used it to treat gastrointestinal issues, which is one of its continuing primary benefits. It can be used for heartburn and medical conditions like irritable bowel syndrome since it relaxes the digestive tract to help you with flatulence, diarrhea, and bloating.

As someone with irritable bowel syndrome myself, I don’t have to tell you how much of a relief this would be! Beyond stomach issues, though, this tea can help women, specifically with its ability to help estrogen production.

Lactating women and those experiencing bad cramps or PMS might find that this works even better than their usual medications! Mothers experience positive results and calming colic babies, increasing the flow of milk, and treating issues like morning sickness. Surprisingly, it can even exhibit anti-cancer effects by stopping cells from growing. For both genders, though, it can assist your liver in keeping a proper hormonal balance.

These are some of the major benefits of drinking a simple cup each day, but there are other benefits. It can destroy parasites in your stomach, clean your blood to improve your kidney function and help with weight loss by boosting metabolism, reducing water retention, and suppressing the appetite.

The fact that it cleanses your body relieves arthritis as well, and for those of you that get sick every season, it can even boost your immune system and help rebuild it! All of your body systems can feel the benefit, with the cardiac and respiratory systems, as well as your eyes and memory, thanking you for the nutrients too.

Fennel Tea Benefits for Babies

This tea has its health benefits for mothers, but it is also meant to be good for their babies, especially for colicky babies. It’s very simple to make, with one teaspoon of seeds added to eight ounces of water. After thirty minutes in hot water, strain it and enjoy. Remember then only to give your baby about half a teaspoon three times a day. This simple tea may not relieve all your child’s symptoms, but it can certainly help!

Help for Colicky Babies

Some people claim that this tea can help your colicky baby stop crying with only 150ml three times a day due to the properties that relax the gastrointestinal tract, like a medication. Who can treat digestive disorders with just a spoonful, and the natural laxative properties that help irritable bowel syndrome can also relieve constipation in your baby.

Who can stop the same respiratory issues like coughing and asthma while a supply of anti-oxidants is introduced into their system? It’s very dependent upon the individual, though, so try not to get your hopes up too high! If you try this remedy, though, it’s best to remember not to give your baby too much, as many people agree that it’s only beneficial in small quantities. After all, it is considered a medicine, and too much medication may cause more damage than benefits.

Possible Negatives

Not everyone supports the usage of fennel tea for your baby, though, even if they’re colicky and screaming their head off for close to a year in the worst cases. Over time, the consumption of too much fennel can cause thelarche, otherwise known as the onset of secondary breast development.

It may have some positive benefits, but the possible negative effects might dissuade you from using this natural at-home remedy. For most individuals, it would be best to try and speak with your doctor or even get a family member to watch your baby for a while to relieve some stress.

How to Make Fennel Tea

If you are thinking about using this tea for you or your baby, you, of course, need to know how to make it properly to get all the necessary nutrients without taking too much or too little. For each cup of tea you make, there should be a teaspoon of dried fennel seeds. Fill each cup with water without boiling the seeds, losing the nutrients, steeping the tea, and then letting it rest for ten minutes. When it’s done, it should appear yellow. You can drink this usually three times a day, especially after eating, to help with those digestive issues.

Fennel Tea Side Effects

Fennel Tea Side Effects

Here we’ve discussed all the possible positive uses for this tea, including its help with digestion and colicky babies. You might be thinking that this can be the final remedy for all your problems despite the caution in giving it to your children!

You should look out for some side effects, though, if you’re considering this natural medication. First off, if you have allergies to carrots and celery, beware of fennel since it’s in the same family. It’s possible that it can trigger your allergies as well.

Because fennel is considered a type of medication, make sure to talk to your doctor first as well in case this conflicts with any current medications you’re taking. People prone to blood clots must drink this in moderation, and if you have estrogen-dependent cancer, Who should avoid this completely. Finally, this may seem simple, but don’t confuse it with hemlock, a poisonous plant.

There are problems with any medication you take. Similarly, be aware of all the possibilities when it comes to making fennel tea to drink. It can have some side effects, but the positives might outweigh those negatives!

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