Tips To Make Your Eyelashes Longer And Thicker

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Most of us are worried about our eyelashes longer and volume. Luckily we can make our lashes long and thick by makeup or in natural ways. Makeup does it only for a short time. There is a number of products available in the market which assist women with their lashes. Eyelash extension can be done to give long and fuller lashes but it is not a viable option for everyone for its cost which is rather expensive and needs regular care under professionals.

There is a wide number of products and serums available in the market which make use of natural ingredients and substances that are specifically designed for lash growth. Vitamins, Minerals, and supplements constitute these products which help you to nourish the eyelashes longer without any side effects and irritation.

The leading 3 Eyelash growth products

Activlash serum:

It is an eyelash growth serum formulated with natural fruit extracts, Panthenol, and other peptides which can hasten lash growth. Activlash is specially designed to make healthier and lengthy lashes. The serum can be used along with mascara, apply the serum first, and then follow it with layers of mascara and eye makeup. Continue to use it for a period of time to notice long and voluminous eyelashes longer.


Latisse is a prescription medicine that contains Bimatoprost as its active ingredient. The drug works by prolonging the natural growth phase of the follicles when applied to the base of the lashes. Consult your doctor before using the product as it is a prescription drug and has some side effects which include discoloration of the eyelids. Extra care is taken while using this product and ensures that all makeup and contact lens is removed.

Rapidlash Serum:

The Rapidlash serum is the most widely used eyelash growth serum which contains only natural plant extracts and amino acids. It does not have any parabens and other harmful ingredients. Clinical trials confirmed that the product assists in improving the volume and length of lashes when applied once daily. The results are visible in about 4-6 weeks.

Choosing the right and appropriate eyelash serum is a very important and tough one as the number of them are available in the market. It is advisable to consult either beauty professionals or cosmologists to have the fullest of product benefits.

Not interested in using artificial products to thicken your eyelashes longer. Don’t worry! There you can find simple home remedies that help you to make lashes thicker, lustrous, and long in a natural and chemical free way.